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AN AIRLINE pilot has answered the question that puzzles many flyers – what really happens when you flush the loo on a plane?

Taking to TikTok to dispersed the myths about where your mid-flight poo ends up, the pilot racked up a whopping 3.9million views.

While some may think their business gets shot out of the plane at 30,000 feet, this couldn't be further from the truth.

TikTok pilot @flywithgarrrett released a video to his nearly 500K followers to answer the question: "When you're on an aeroplane and you gotta go, where does it go?"

He continued: "Did you know that whenever you flush the toilet on the aircraft, it actually doesn't dump out into the population down below?

"It goes through plumbing to the rear of the aircraft and the seal compartments where the ground crew at the destination will remove all that waste."


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The pilot added that on a long-haul flight, toilets can be flushed over a thousand times – creating over 320 gallons of waste.

The flyer's revelation caused a stir with users as his clip garnered almost 4million views.

One honest viewer conceded: "Since I was a kid I used to think when over a sea the pilot flush it out. Omg."

Another added: "Thank you for clearing that up. Hopefully now we can let the matter drop."

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"I thought they dumped it in the ocean," said a third.

However, many couldn't believe that some flyers thought their business would fly out of the plane after every flush.

One commented: "Wait ppl actually think it dumps out below?"

Another added: "Actually people that believe that it would get expelled from the aircraft to the population below? And if so, do these people vote?"

"It’s still perplexes me that people think it just dumps out of the plane," said a third.

And another user summed the bottom-line of the clip, insisting: "Grounds crew deserves a raise."

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