A BAGGAGE handler has revealed four mistakes travellers are making when packing their bags for flights.

The people responsible for making sure our luggage gets to the right place know a thing or two about how to prepare suitcases.

One has now highlighted the mistakes most people make when packing for a trip.

In a video on Tiktok, the airport worker called Adrian pointed out where we are going wrong.

He does this by removing certain bags from a baggage carousel and throwing them down a ramp.

First to be chucked isa plastic wrapped box of perishables, which he suggests should not be checked in as luggage.

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In fact, plastic wrapped cases in general are not a good idea, according to Adrian.

He went on to say that wrapping hard-shell cases was also something we shouldn't be doing, with one of those being thrown down the ramp later in the video.

According to the baggage handler, rubberised texture bags are high up on the list of bags we shouldn't be packing for our trips abroad too.

One of those is seen tumbling off the baggage carousel in the video.

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He was also irritated by people putting their luggage tags on badlyCredit: Tiktok/teh_deagz

Another of Adrian's pet peeves is passengers not properly attaching their baggage tags, something which will undoubtedly make his day more difficult.

Finally, the airport worker suggests that prams and baby strollers are often "poorly packed" – something he describes as a "big no".

Although he provides little in the way of an explanation of why we should listen to his advice, with staff shortages causing huge problems for baggage handlers, his advice might be worth listening to.

Last month Brits were warned that baggage chaos at airports could go on for months more yet after bags piled up at Gatwick Airport.

Suitcases were abandoned by travellers returning to the airport after they waited for them for more than an hour.

Travel experts are advising against taking check-in luggage and flying only with carry-on this summer.

Not everyone was persuaded by Adrian's advice though, with many more concerned by how he was handling the luggage.

One user commented on the video saying: "When you keep throwing it that way, people get more reasons to wrap it."

Another said: "If your bag got broken, it's thanks to this guy."

A third wrote: "This is why I never check in my luggage."

Some people did stick up for Adrian's advice however, saying that wrapping bags will get them stuck on the conveyor.

He said: "As a person who designs these systems: The worst thing you can do is wrap your bag.

"They get stuck all the time. If they need to open it they will cut."

Another even defended the way he threw the suitcases around, saying: "I think it’s unrealistic to expect your suitcase will not get thrown around. This job has to be done quickly."

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