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AN EASYJET pilot has revealed three airports that he believes are the scariest to land at – and even require extra training.

The pilot was asked if there were any routes that he and his colleagues needed special training for, due to their trickier runways.

And one responded via the airline's Tiktok channel (@easyjet) explaining the three that required a bit of extra practice.

In a video, he explained that pilots need to spend extra time in the flight simulators before they can fly to Mykonos in Greece, Funchal in Portugal and Innsbruck in Austria.

He said: "There's a few airfields around the easyJet network that require additional training in the simulators due to their complexity.

"And that complexity can be because it's got a short runway or it's quite high above sea level or there's a lot of terrain to consider.

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"Some of those examples are Mykonos – it has a very short, narrow runway.

"Funchal in Madeira. That's that's got a bit of terrain there and some challenging winds to negotiate, so you have to have additional training for that.

"And then Innsbruck as well. That one, the captain and the First Officer will both need additional training in the simulators.

"Then they'll need to fly there with a training captain before being able to fly there with passengers."

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The video has been seen more than 300,000 times since it was posted, with lots of people now worried about flying to those places.

One wrote: "So theres 3 places I shall not be visiting."

Another said: "There I was thinking Innsbruck ski holidays were safe!"

A third added: "Never go to any of these places."

However, there are scarier runways elsewhere in the world.

One of which is Hechi Airport, in China, which has a 1,000ft sheer drop on either side, making any windy weather or miscalculations a scary prospect.

Elsewhere, the Outer Hebridean Island of Barra in Scotland has a runway that literally is the beach.

According to Weather.com landings at the unique airport are dependent upon the seas.

They say: "At high tide the runway is completely underwater. When the runways aren’t being used for landings, the bay of Traigh Mhor is often occupied by kite surfers and cockle hunters."

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