I'm fuming after my airline SOLD my return ticket after a computer 'glitch' – I'm £900 out of pocket | The Sun

A FURIOUS football fan says he was left £900 out of pocket after claiming his airline sold his return ticket.

Wales supporter Ieuan Davies, 56, had excitedly booked a return flight to the Euro 2024 qualifier against Croatia with Lufthansa, leaving Manchester on 24 March.

But the trip turned into a nightmare when he began to check his return flight home on the airline's app – and couldn't find it, the BBC reported.

Amd Airline Lufthansa said his ticket had been sold as he was a "no-show" for the outbound flight.

The airline suggested he get in touch to sort the problem.

But Ieuan said he had contacted several times already, and when he called the airline, he was told he had missed his flight to Split in Croatia via Frankfurt.

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He revealed: "I said to them 'I'm here, in Split. I'm ringing you from Split. You flew me here on Friday'."

He decided to head to the airport – but Lufthansa said he was no longer booked on the flight.

Ieuan said he ended up buying a seat on the only flight that could get him back to Wales for Monday morning – an Air France business class ticket via Paris.

But it came at a price – the flight cost him an eye-watering £932.

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He has since had further calls with Lufthansa but said he was extremely frustrated the airline had refused to accept he was on the outbound flight.

He went through boarding and passport control as normal and was let stunned at what happened.

Ieuan claimed: "It's some sort of computer glitch.

"I've given them the seat number I sat in. I've told them about the passenger I sat next to.

"I've been told it's some sort of one-in-five-million fault."

His insurers say it could be difficult to make a claim as he has no paperwork to prove he was on the flight – since everything went through the app, which no longer shows his details.

Ieuan said the office of local Senedd Member Rhun ap Iorwerth and the Wales Football Supporters Association have been great support.

But he's still worried a claim could take months.

Lufthansa have been contacted for comment.

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