I'm fuming after no one would swap seats on the plane with me – I DESERVED a spot next to the window | The Sun

A PASSENGER was left fuming when no one on the plane would swap and let him have a window seat.

The belligerent traveller did not give up and even got physical in order to get "the best seat in the house".

The traveller boasted in a rant on Reddit how he "punched, kicked and choked out the plane crew" in order to get his own way and bag the highly-coveted window seat.

He claims that he tried paying for a window seat but "something went wrong" and he ended up in a seat that he didn't want.

In a post, the traveller furiously ranted: "It was the company's fault for messing up the seating situation, and so I thought I deserve a window seat.

"I complained and the guy sitting next to the window wouldn't budge, and I know other people in the aeroplane were giving me serious angry looks but I didn't give a ****."

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The man went on to describe how he complained to the stewards and stewardesses but just kept being told to "sit down".

"I kept demanding that they give me the window seat of my choice and I can tell everyone on the aeroplane were preferring a baby crying compared to a grown man complaining.

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"Window seats on the plane are the best seats and yes they can be annoying when you need to go to the bathroom, but other than that they are the best."

In the bizarre post, the man describes how he just "kept on asking" the man in the window seat to swap with him and says how he was determined not to "give up".

He continues: "I decided to get physical and I knew that the only way I could get the seat that I want is by brutal force.

"So forcibly took the guy out of his seat and I punched, kicked and choked out the plane crew who tried to stop me.

"Then as I got to my window seat I was in such awe of the view.

"It is truly the best seat in the house, but everyone on the plane started screaming and crying, as the plane was going down.

"The pilot kept shouting at me that he needed to get back to his seat, so he could fly the plane.

"I'm just enjoying the view."

Temperatures can get a bit heated at times at 35,000 feet.

One TikTok video captured two passengers fighting over a plane window blind, with many users slamming the woman in the clip as "petty".

In another incident in the sky, one fight erupted between two men, leaving passengers screaming in terror.

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