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For lots of people, planning what you'll wear on holiday and how you'll fit all your outfits in your suitcase is part of the fun of going away.

Wearing something different each day and then changing again at night is not unheard of, but I'm taking it to the other extreme.

On my upcoming month-long trip around Europe, I'll wear the same black dress every day. And I can't wait!

This all started a year ago when I did the 100-day dress challenge.

Thousands of people around the world have taken part in the challenge, set by American company Wool&, wearing a merino-blend frock for 100 days in a row.

It's a way to push back against fast fashion and challenge
some of our preconceptions about clothes, such as how often they need to be washed and why we buy lots of new items we might only wear once or twice, rather than adapting or mending what we already have.

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Over the 100 days, my black wraparound dress stood the test of time and only needed washing a handful of times.

The merino material dries quickly, so it can be washed by hand or in the machine and hung overnight, ready for wearing in the morning.

It's wrinkle and odour-resistant and I'm not sure that many people, other than those I told, actually noticed that
I was wearing the same dress, day in, day out.

I wore it with different jumpers and jewellery and it made getting dressed in the morning a lot quicker because I wasn't having to give any thought to what to wear.

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So when I started planning a trip around Europe at Easter, I decided doing a month-long mini-challenge with my merino dress could be the ultimate way of travelling light.

It will save room in my luggage and hopefully simplify my morning routine again, leaving more time for seeing the sights.

My main concern is making sure that I've got enough
layers to see me through the Alps in the springtime.

Late March and early April in Europe can be fairly changeable when it comes to weather, so I'll need plenty of jumpers and warm leggings and tights to layer up with.

I might even have to pack an apron to protect my dress while I'm cooking, as I need to try to keep it as clean as possible. That's not an item of holidaywear that I ever thought I'd

And I'll be taking a little sewing kit in case of emergency

One element of doing the 100-day challenge is taking a picture of yourself wearing the dress every day and I'll be doing that again on this holiday.

I know people like having pictures of colourful holiday
outfits in exotic locations to put on social media and show to friends at home.

I'm not sure a black dress is going to help me stand out from
the crowd, but that's how I like it.

It'll be interesting to see if the dress works in both cities and mountains, if it's just as good at theme parks as it is at tourist attractions and whether a wool garment will be practical for visiting the beach.

And I'll come home with lots of snaps of the same outfit in different locations, making lots of memories in merino.

I'm not worried that I'll smell, as I know from experience that that doesn't seem to be an issue, as long as the dress gets a good airing overnight.

However, not knowing whether I'll have a way to dry my garment until I arrive at my accommodation is a bit of a concern, as is not having a back-up outfit to change into if I get dirty.

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Wearing the same dress while travelling around adds an extra layer of planning that isn't needed when you're at home with all your creature comforts, like a washing machine with a wool cycle and an airer.

But it'll be fun trying to rise to the challenge. Wish me luck!

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