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THE WORLD'S most expensive hotel room will set most guests back $100,00 (£83,000) a night but a select few can stay in the suite for free.

The Empathy Suite at the Palms Casino Resort is located on the infamous Las Vegas strip and will cost guests tens of thousands of pounds a night.

For a select group of individuals who have a credit card limit that exceeds $1million (£819,700), then they can stay at the celebrity-endorsed pad free-of-charge.

The majority of travellers won't have that kind of cash, but here's what you can expect to get with that eye-watering price tag.

The suite was designed by British artist Damien Hirst, and features a piece of his art – a giant fish tank with two taxidermy sharks suspended on the inside.

Back in 2019 when the suite was first unveiled, Damien Hirst hosted the launch and invited his celebrity pals including Gordon Ramsay.

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According to the Mirror, the suite is 836 square meters in size, and spans across two floors.

Inside the suite, there are two large bedrooms with a king size bed in each room.

While there are only enough beds for four people, the suite is an entertaining space with a private cinema, a bar with 13 seats, a game area for a football table and a pool table and a dining room.

There's a private swimming pool that has glass walls for a view of the Las Vegas too.

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For keen gym goers, there's a fitness studio, a hot tub and two massage rooms with a sauna.

Staff members from the resort are also on hand around the clock including a butler service, bar staff and a driver.

Holidaymakers who want to leave their room will be pleased to know that there's VIP level access to the casino as well as further access to the KAOS Dayclub and nightclub and the Pearl Concert Theatre.

Here is a round-up of some of the world's most expensive hotels.

There's also the most luxurious airline in the world, so you can book yourself a first class ticket to your expensive hotel suite.

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