WORLD of Jumanji opens at Chessington World of Adventures later this year, with three brand new rides and a load of other attractions to entertain visitors.

However, as with all of the theme park's other exciting worlds, there'll be plenty of hidden extras for guests to keep an eye out for, including interactive games and plenty of easter eggs.

Merlin's ride designer John Burton is in charge of the Jumanji project at Chessington and he revealed exactly what people can look forward to when the land opens on May 15.

That includes the park's first new rollercoaster in 19 years, Mandrill Mayhem, which John said is packed with innovation to thrill riders, including a backwards inversion and multiple launch points.

He told Sun Online Travel: "Unlike your classic rollercoasters, which are the typical sit down, put the lap bar on and go up a lift hill, this one's really unique because it's a multi launch rollercoaster.

"That means you don't just chug up a hill, you are accelerated like in a Formula One racing car along a track. And you do that launch four times. And you don't just do it forwards. You do it backwards. So it's super exciting."

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Mandrill Mayhem will also be a first for Chessington because of its inversions and the fact it's a winged coaster, meaning riders are sat either side of the track, with nothing above or below them.

Guests will also be able to see some iconic Jumanji imagery while hurtling around the ride.

John continued: "You're either side of the track and it includes an inversion that will take you upside down, which is the first time we've ever done that here at Chessington.

"It will launch and send you through an inversion where you will spiral around what will be our Jaguar shrine, the iconic image from the Jumanji films.

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"The ride then uses its momentum to slide back down the track backwards and back through that inversion upside down. So you actually go upside down twice on the ride."

In addition to Mandrill Mayhem, the Ostrich Stampede and Mamba Strike will offer different thrills to visitors as part of their new collection of rides.

However, for film fanatics, there'll be plenty to discover at the resort as well, with easter eggs available throughout the new world.

John revealed: "All the rides are inspired by key scenes from the film, and there are little easter eggs where we've hidden things within the land.

"For instance, the ride station is themed on the tree house from the film, where Alan Parrish, who was played by Robin Williams in the first film, carved his name – little things like that.

"We love to pay homage to our attractions and the world of Jumanji is going to be full of them. There's so much to find and do."

While all the new rides have a height limit of 1.2 metres, making them accessible to some younger visitors as well as older, there is still plenty for smaller kids, or those who aren't thrill-seekers

There'll be play equipment, a trail through the jungle and an assault course.

There are also games within a bazaar, where guests can win prizes and an activity trail with questions for adventurers to answer as they go around the land.

Furthermore, for those queueing up to get on the rides, smartphone interactives will help pass the time.

John said: "What we've done is we've incorporated interactives within the queue line, which are things that you can look at and answer questions.

"You can also scan a QR code and it will load up Jumanji games based on the ride that you're queuing for, to try and win a high score."

Similar interactives can be found in the six new Jumanji-themed bedrooms, meaning the fun isn't limited to the park area, for guests who are staying the night at the resort.

In addition to the jungle mayhem, Chessington World of Adventures Resort has 40 rides and attractions as well as a zoo with more than 1,000 animals.

Tickets start from £36 per person and under threes get in free.

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Meanwhile, Sun Online sent someone down to Chessington to explore the new Jumanji land.

And here's even more information about the thrilling new world.

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