A NUMBER of towns in Italy have launched a new travel scheme – which will pay you to work from there.

While holidays to Italy can't yet go ahead, having been left off the UK's green list, Brits can still travel abroad if it is for work reasons.

Santa Fiora, located in Tuscany and Rieti in Lazio, are offering to pay up to 50 per cent of the rent of anyone moving to the area to work.

Brits have to be employed to take advantage of the offer, but can work remotely while in the country.

In Santa Fiora, tourists could get up to €200 ($240) or 50 per cent of the rent if staying between two and six months.

The average rent of the area ranges between €300 (£260) and €500 (£435) per month – meaning you could pay as little as €100 (£87) a month to be there.

Options range from a cosy cottage to apartments, with the website also including local contacts including services and food deliveries.

Tourists cannot apply however, as the town wants workers to be part of their new virtual working scheme – new high-speed internet and "working stations" are already being introduced.

Mayor Federico Balocchi told CNN: "It's not targeted at occasional touch-and-go tourists, but people who really want to experiment with our village life..

"The goal is to incentivise people to move in and virtually work from here. We want Santa Fiora to become their flexible office."

A similar deal is available for Rieti but it has a minimum of three months to stay, with rents ranging from €250 (£217) to €500 (£435).

Deputy mayor Daniele Sinibaldi added: "For €600 (£521) you can have an entire little villa in the peaceful countryside."

If you end up loving the towns, Santa Fiora has even more incentives – including €30,000 (£36,000) grants to build a B&B or hotel, as well as €1,500 (£1,303) for every baby born after applying for residency.

A number of villages and towns in Italy have previously offered €1 houses to encourage people to move there, to combat the dwindling population.

Most recently, the town of Laurenzana joined the scheme, and doesn't require expensive deposits for renovations.

One woman bought three of the houses – here is what she learned after taking part in the scheme.

Italy is to lift restrictions for Brits from mid-May, with tourists only needing proof of vaccination, a negative Covid test or Covid antibodies.

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