A FREQUENT traveller has revealed the two things he never drinks while flying and why.

Kevin Kwan is most famous for writing the novel Crazy Rich Asians, which was turned into a popular film a few years ago.

But Kevin's work takes him all over the globe, meaning he has had to get used to flying.

As a result, the writer now has his routines that he follows whenever he's flying, which he explained in an interview for CN Traveller.

Part of his routine involves avoiding two types of drink, whenever he's on a flight.

First of all he explained that, whenever he's flying, he doesn't drink alcohol.

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He said: "I really do try to sleep on planes, especially going to Asia, so I don't drink alcohol because I think it actually dries you out."

Kevin isn't far off the truth either.

Alcohol is dehydrating, and because planes also have a dehydrating impact on the human body, passengers will deprive themselves of much-needed fluids if they stick to wine or beer while in the air.

As well as booze, Kevin avoids drinking caffeine too, saying it wasn't part of his "ritual".

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It's good advice too, with caffeinated drinks having a similar effect on the body as alcohol during a flight.

Drinking coffee before a flight can cause frequent trips to the bathroom, with dehydration causing an increased need for the toilet.

Caffeine can also cause headaches and insomnia, which is not ideal if trying to sleep during the flight.

Kevin said: "I also don't take caffeine at all. I have my ritual.

"I'll wait for the meal and I'll always try to watch a movie that I've seen before while I'm eating. And then I'll go to sleep."

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