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A HOTEL employee has revealed a common item hotel guests should avoid using when staying in their rooms.

In a post on the social media site Quora, the hospitality worker explained why anyone staying at a resort should think twice about using the coffee pot in their room.

They said: "You might be surprised how many people use the coffee pots in the room as an ashtray, they smoke and put their butts in.

"But it's not just cigarette butts, many more times than I'd like to know, "guests" used the coffee pots to urinate, having a bathroom in the same room."

As well as being used as an ashtray, they even noted a time when a guest was sick inside the coffee machine.

While this may sound bad, there was another, potentially worse, reason for avoiding the hotel room item.

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They said: "The worst of all is not that, the coffee makers have to be washed with soap, since another product could be harmful to health -[that's] if they are washed of course."

The hotel worker finished by telling guest to avoid using coffee pots for their own health in the the future.

Despite all the revelations, many people in the comments weren't put off by the cleanliness of the coffee maker.

One user wrote: " In the hotel coffee maker one should check the pot for cleanliness before first use and preferably rinse it properly."

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A second person added: "This may be true, but if it doesn’t smell like pee or ashes then past abuses probably won’t come to harm me."

While several users commented that they don't even use the coffee pot in the hotel room, others were more cautious of the item in question.

One wrote: "I not only carry my own coffee and single cup maker, I take my own sheets and pillows."

But some people thought it was acceptable to use the pot for their every need: "The coffee pot is fair game for anything from dirty socks to Ramen soup."

Another hotel employee showed guests what the inside of a coffee machine really looks like.

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