Jana Kramer Apologizes to Tiger Woods' Former Mistress Rachel Uchitel for Saying She Hates Her

Jana Kramer is getting candid about infidelity with Tiger Woods' former mistress, Rachel Uchitel.

On the latest episode of Kramer's Whine Down podcast, the country star, 37, and her husband Mike Caussin chatted with Uchitel, who is famously known for being at the forefront of the golf star's 2009 sex scandal.

During the conversation, Kramer — who has been open about Caussin's multiple infidelities and how they overcame the associated hurdles between them over the years — got emotional as they rehashed the drama they went through after he cheated.

And before bringing on Uchitel, Kramer initially said she was not a fan of their guest. "I hate her, honestly. That's a really mean thing to say. I don't know her. She's the face of someone else I hate. That's where I feel bad, I don't know her story," she said. "She's the face of someone I don't like. It's going to be hard for me to take the picture of who I'm picturing and just see her."

Then, once Kramer and Uchitel, 45, started talking, Kramer apologized to Uchitel for passing judgment on her. "I feel really bad, my direct quote was 'I hate her' but I don't hate you. I hate his affair girls. But I label everyone that cheated on someone that girl," she said. "I think I just have so much hate for his affair girls."

"It's rude to say that I hate someone that I don't even know," Kramer said. "And that's really rude. I want to apologize because I should never have said… I don't know you. And I don't know your story. Now I'm learning your story, but I want to apologize because that's not fair of me to label you for the face of someone else."

The One Tree Hill alum continued, "You have a story and everyone has their story, so I apologize for just straight up being like, 'No I hate her. She cheated, she's who cheated probably with my husband.' So I really am so sorry for just not getting to know your story before I passed judgment. Because I'm sure you've gotten that judgment from a lot of people."

Uchitel then said the backlash she has received for the last decade is the main reason she decided to share her side of the story in the new HBO documentary about Woods, 45, called Tiger.

"I go through life with people hating me like I did something personally to them and personally hurt them, personally offended them, personally did something to them with such a vengeance," she explained. "They hate me with a passion when I did nothing to them personally."

Uchitel told Kramer, "You're the first person that has cause because your husband did something similar. I get it because your husband did something and it makes sense though. I get it but I know why you have that hatred and I feel horrible. I feel horrible."

"But you have to realize I didn't do it to you," Uchitel also told Kramer. "And I've had to feel hatred like your hatred for me for 10 years. And I didn't do that to you. I did it to someone else and I feel horrible but I didn't do it to you and I hope you realize that. And I'm sorry."

Uchitel added, "I support you guys so much I hope your husband doesn't make mistakes like that again. I hope you guys succeed so much, I'm there for you guys so much."

Kramer thanked Uchitel for her kind words. "I appreciate you saying that and I think it's a huge lesson for women who have been cheated on or vice versa to know that just because someone else did doesn't mean they're a bad person. You didn't do that to me, you're the face and the story. But you're not that person. I can't imagine living those years with so many people just hating on you and not getting to know you."

In a recent interview with Extra, Uchitel said she felt it was important to be featured in the Woods documentary after spending years "under the shame of what's been going on."

"I have spent all these years letting people think what they want to think and say what they want to say," she told the outlet. "I needed to take the shackles off and be able to tell my story for me."

"I don't like to be branded as a mistress. I don't like to be branded as a homewrecker — that's not who I am," she told the outlet. "I'm a 45-year-old woman. I made one wrong turn 10 years ago … I didn't throw somebody down the stairs. I didn't kill someone. I made a mistake. Everybody makes mistakes."

Tiger, which premiered on Jan. 10, concludes on Jan. 17. Both 90-minute episodes, airing at 9 p.m. ET, are available to watch on HBO and HBO Max.

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