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ANYONE who has flown with Jet2 will have undoubtedly had Jess Glynne's song Hold My Hand playing in their head on repeat.

The chart-topping pop song by the British singer has been used by the airline on its flights and in its advertising campaigns for several years.

But the catchy hit has proven to be too much for some holidaymakers as the song is played when passengers board the plane, during in-flight announcements, and when the aircraft lands.

On a recent flight from Lanzarote to Manchester, one passenger was left "howling with laughter" when she spotted a piece of graffiti on the plane begging Jet2 to stop playing the "moronic and endless" song.

According to the Mirror, Lynn Barton and her husband Tim saw the scribbles scrawled across a menu inside a seat pocket.

The graffiti read: "Please stop Jess Glynne – it ismoronic."

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Lynn said: "I picked it [the menu] up and said to my husband 'oh my God just read that. It's so funny'. We were howling.

"I know what they mean because you hear it constantly. People say when you're stuck on a flight and it's been delayed, they're constantly playing it.

"It is very repetitive. I did like the song but I don't now because I keep hearing it all the time. Normally you're thinking it reminds you of holiday but I thought 'here we go again'."

Even though Lynn acknowledge the song as an excellent choice of marketing, she thought it was time for Jet2 to change the track.

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And Lynn isn't the holidaymaker who feels frustrated every time the song plays on the plane.

Users have taken to Twitter to vent their views about the tune.

One person wrote to the airline: "What exactly does Jess Glynne have over you? Let it go, it's time to freshen up the ads?"

Another added: "Pack it in with the bloody Jess Glynne. Arrivingback into Manchester at 3am just to hear a full on rave with that dreadful voice of hers. I swear you keep using her in your ads just for a joke at this point."

A third said: "Is it some sort of laugh that you torture your passengers with my playing that bloody woman on loop?"

Despite the backlash to its chosen theme song, Jet2 has denied anyone had a problem with Hold My Hand.

The company told NME: "Our Hold My Hand concept is very popular with customers, and we receive a huge amount of positive feedback about both the advert and the song."

For some holidaymakers, a Jet2 flight can be a peaceful experience as Jak Scott discovered when he was just one of three passengers on board his flight to Edinburgh.

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