Jetstar passengers’ shock as plane cabin fills with smoke following air conditioning glitch shortly after take off

PASSENGERS onboard a Jetstar flight were left in shock after smoke filled the cabin shortly after take off.

Flight JQ128 was bound for Australia from Bali when, minutes after leaving the airport, a mist started to fill the cabin.

A video posted to YouTube titled "A jet star flight going wrong" captured the moment the cabin filled with smoke.

A man could be heard joking: "Check it out guys, we've got dry ice on the plane I think."

He then laughed with his companion, before saying: "It's smoking! I think I'm dreaming."

The smoke quickly filled the interior of the cabin.

While the passenger seemed to be joking about the mist while coughing, other passengers look around in concern.

A flight attendant can then be heard speaking over the tannoy, explaining what was happening.

She said: "Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who may be a little concerned about the haze through the cabin, this is just due to our air-conditioning system.

"Quite similar to in winter, when you're outside and you breathe out some warm air into the cooler air, it just produces some condensation.

"It should clear once we reach a higher altitude and the outside external temperatures drop."

After continuing to cough, the passenger filming said: "This is a good reason to give up smoking".

A Jetstar spokeperson told Sun Online Travel: "Condensation in the cabin occurs when aircraft travels between warm and cold air, as was seen on this flight taking off from Bali.

"Often this condensation can create a ‘fogging effect’ for a few minutes when the air conditioner is switched on.

"In this case, the condensation was more than you might commonly see given the temperature differences."

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