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Bats can already fly, they should stay off airplanes.

A flight from India to New York recently had to divert its course when a live bat somehow made its way onto the plane. According to reports, the animal flew around the cabin section of the plane mid-flight, much to the apparent surprise of all the passengers.

The incident occurred on an Air India flight from New Delhi to New York City last week, the New York Post reports. Apparently, the bat wasn’t noticed until about a half-hour into the flight when it started flying around the cabin.

Airline officials made the decision to turn the flight around and return to New Delhi to deal with the bat situation. Flight from New Delhi to New York can last from between 15 to 21 hours, depending on the route.

According to the New York Post, the plane underwent a complete fumigation after it landed and was met by wildlife staff. After the process was complete, the bat’s carcass was retrieved from the business class section.

Officials from the  Directorate General of Civil Aviation reportedly issued a statement to news outlets saying, “On arrival, it was learned that crew members saw a bat inside the cabin. Wildlife staff were called to catch and take away the bat. The aircraft landed safely at around 3:55 am, and later it was declared Aircraft on Grounded (AoG).”

An official for Air India reportedly speculated that the bat may have entered the aircraft when it was being loaded for in-flight catering. Apparently, it’s not uncommon for animals to be attracted to the food as it’s being loaded onto the plane.

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