TRAVEL tests for triple-jabbed Brits are set to be ditched within days, Boris Johnson hinted today.

The PM was grilled by his predecessor, Theresa May about when he would get rid of all tests for people travelling in and out of the country.

Brits returning home from holiday currently have to take lateral flow tests to stop the spread of Covid.

But these are widely set to be scrapped for those who have had their vaccines – as the nation moves into a post-Covid world.

Mrs May asked today why there was no mention of travel tests in his Plan B announcement today.

And the PM replied there would be a statement "in the next few days" on the issue, stressing: "I think it's very important everybody in the country understands that getting your booster, wherever you want to go in the world, getting your booster is going to be a pretty crucial thing to do."

It's likely that any measures will apply to anyone who has been tripled jabbed.

Ministers have said they will update the isolation rules for "fully vaccinated" to mean anyone who has had three vaccines in the future – but hasn't said when this will kick in.

Volunteers with The Sun's Jabs Army have been working heroically to help turbo-charge the rollout and get as many boosters into arms.

36million Brits – around two thirds of the country – have had their booster or third dose of the vaccine.

It came after he confirmed Plan B measures were to be finally binned from next Thursday – with work from home measures lifted and mask laws ditched.

Hated vaccine passports will be dumped too.

The current rules will expire on January 26 meaning the changes will kick in on Thursday morning.

But masks in classrooms for kids will be ditched from tomorrow.

The PM told the House of Commons today: "The Cabinet concluded that because of the extraordinary booster campaign, together with the way the public have responded to the Plan B measures, we can return to Plan A in England, and allow Plan B regulations to expire."

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