A MAN has divided opinion after he said he didn't want to go on holiday with his wife – leaving her fuming.

The man's other half has booked a trip to America to pay a visit to her family, but he explained that he would much rather spend the time and money doing something they both want to do.

In a post on Reddit, he said that the issue has already caused arguments between him and his partner, who is fuming because he isn't excited about the holiday.

He wrote: "My partner's family lives in the US and we're going to see them soon.

"I don't mind going so much, it's not a place I want to visit but it'll be nice to see her dad again, we get on okay.

"Shelling out to visit her Dad wasn't exactly the way I planned on spending my holiday fund this year, so the planning for our holiday has had to be pushed back.

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"She also booked the flights differently than we originally agreed, taking up my entire holiday allowance for the year and extra, means I have to take a day unpaid and I have to be back at work less than 10 hours after landing.

"My partner sat me down and asked why I wasn't as excited as her for the trip.

"I explained that visiting her family isn't particularly exciting to me and I'd much rather go on holiday together somewhere than spend that money and holiday time to see her family.

"She got upset, argumentative and spiralled a little from there.

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"I felt like she hadn't listened to my side of the story and just got upset but she thinks that I'm an outright a****** for not being excited about going to see her family.

"I feel like I've done my best to accommodate what she wants even though it's not what I want."

Some people were on the man's side, with one labelling his girlfriend as "childish".

They said: "You’re never an a****** for not being excited, it’s something you can’t help. But she's also entitled to her emotions, though they are a little childish."

Another said:  "That's her holiday, you're just going with her – she can’t expect you to be excited."

However, others stuck up for the man's girlfriend, with one telling him to get used to having to make trips like this in the future.

They said: "If you date/marry a foreigner, get used to the fact that she will want to visit her family at least once a year.

"That's gonna be part of your life together and you'll have to find some compromise."

Another said: "I think your attitude is quite unfair to her.

"She presumably doesn’t get to see them that often, and you’re entirely looking at this as a ‘this inconveniences me’ lens."

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