A PASSENGER was given a free first class upgrade after he was too tall to fit in an economy plane seat.

Beau Brown revealed he was kicked off a flight because he couldn't fit in a seat and was then handed a free first class upgrade where there was more space for him.

The 7ft 1" 29-year-old had booked an exit row seat for a flight from Georgia to North Carolina to accommodate his size.

But when he boarded the plane, he found the seat was still too small for him to fit.

According to The Metro, he said: "When I boarded the plane I'd booked an exit row seat which is usually enough space for me, but on this occasion, I was still too tall to fit.

"My knees touched the seats in front of me, and I was pinned in, unable to sit down or get up."

He told plane staff about the problem, and was told he would have to switch flights as the plane was too small for him.

To apologise for the hassle, he was bumped up to first class – which was better than economy, but still not quite big enough for him.

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He said: "The airport staff then told me I'd be switching flights, but they'd be bumping me up to first class which was pretty sweet.

"The flight was only 40 minutes, but it was a very comfortable 40 minutes compared to what would have been plain torture."

Beau shared the story on his Tiktok account where he regularly reveals the everyday challenges of being so tall.

The video has gone viral and been watched more than 11m times, with many viewers commenting on how jealous they are that he gets free upgrades.

However, Beau revealed that at his height, travelling can be frustrating.

He said: "Traveling is always a huge struggle for me and flying can be seriously uncomfortable."

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