TRAVELLING can be stressful enough without having to argue over which seat you're in.

However, one man was drawn into a squabble recently on a flight from New York to London, after a mother wanted to put one of her kids in the window seat he had paid to reserve.

The man refused to let the woman's child sit in his seat and instead forced the kid to move, saying that he chose that place specifically so he could have a nap.

He explained the situation in a post on Reddit, whre he asked other users if he was in the right for his behaviour.

He wrote: "Situation is this: I was flying on a redeye flight from NYC to London. I had intentionally booked a window seat so that I could sleep on the flight, as I can only sleep on a plane with a window seat.

"When I arrive at my seat, there is a woman and her two young children (4 yr old / 5 yr old) sitting in the three seats in the row.

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"When I inform her that one of her kids is sitting in my seat, she says that she had booked the other two seats in the row, as well as the aisle seat in the row on the opposite side of the plane, and asked me if I would mind switching with her so that she could sit in the same row with her two children.

"I told her that I booked the window seat specifically so that I could sleep on the plane, and that I wanted to keep my seat.

"She started to cause a bit of a scene yelling about how I wouldn't switch with her, even calling the flight attendant over to protest who informed her that they had to honor the ticket and asked her child to move.

"She then glared at me pretty heavily as she told her child that he had to sit on the other side of the plane for the flight."

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The man gained widespread support from other users, who instead said the mother should have been better prepared.

One wrote: "If she wanted a row for herself and her kids, she should have booked that.

"If it was too late to find three together, then it's her fault for not planning ahead."

Another said: "What an entitled woman. I mean, she knowingly bought separated seats, and then she took someone else's seat without even asking.

"You absolutely did the right thing.

"You have every right to keep the seat you paid for, and you're under no obligation to inconvenience yourself just because this irresponsible, entitled lady expects other people to make concessions to make up for her poor planning."

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