Man reveals very clever trick to getting 'business class seats for less than economy' and it won't cost you anything | The Sun

A TRAVELLER has revealed the clever way to bag business class plane seats for less than economy – and it won't cost you a penny.

Brit Cameron Stewart, who works as a photojournalist, was trying to book flights from Santiago to Easter Island.

However, when using the LATAM website, a Latin American airline, he realised that he could get cheaper seats if he used the website in the local language.

He wrote on Instagram: "Travel hack! Sometimes it pays to learn a language.

"I played around with the LATAM website months ago and found if I changed the language from English to Spanish – the business class bed seats became cheaper than economy.

"I used Google Translate to book my tickets – and here we are about to embark on a six-hour flight with a bed for a cheaper price than it is in economy."

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Cameron continued: "Always check flight websites in multiple languages to get the best deal.

"Sometimes the prices are dramatically different depending on what language you book in."

He added that by deleting his cookies and using a VPN, it made it seem like he was in Chile, hence the different price.

While he didn't reveal the entire price, he shared his trip on Instagram showing his swanky seats with lots of legroom and free booze.

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People loved the tip, with one user commenting:"Thanks for the tip. Never thought about doing that!"

Another agreed, simply writing: "Mind blown."

It's not the only way your flights could be more expensive.

A Which? investigation found some airlines are charging passengers more when using their own "dynamic currency conversions" option when booking online.

This is when the flight shows as the local currency – such as euros if booking a flight from Spain to the UK – but switches back to pounds at checkout.

When The Sun checked prices online, we found travellers could be paying up to £46 more for their flights under Ryanair's exchange rate.

If you want better seats, there is a way to charm flight crew, according to an etiquette expert.

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