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A MAN has revealed the weird item his partner takes on long haul flights – but people are praising her genius.

TikTok user Jake Miller posted a video of the two of them on a flight to Thailand.

He said in the video: "My fiancee brought a foot hammock for this 14 hour flight to Thailand."

The video shows her hooking the foot hammock around the tray table before putting her feet in it, laughing at the camera.

He added in the comments: "She's boujee."

You can buy them for as little as £8.99 on Amazon, and they pack flat to fit in your hand luggage.

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Lots of other people have praised in the reviews, saying it stopped them getting achy legs and sore backs on long flights.

The video has been watched more than 5.5million times, with thousands of people liking it.

Many backed his fiancee in the comments – one person wrote: "Dude foot hammock is a MUST. Game changer."

Another person agreed: "It works. Only way I’ve been able to fly comfortably internationally."

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A third added: "I bought this for my 14 hour flight to Seoul and it made SUCH a difference."

Lots of people said they put their feat in the seat pocket instead – although a flight attendant has explained why you may not want to do it.

And it isn't just Jake's fiancee who swears by the foot hammock on flights.

Katie Hammel, content marketing director at Scott’s Cheap Flights, told Conde Nast Traveller: "It just makes the ride so much more comfortable as it allows you to have your legs in a wider variety of positions."

While worried about annoying other passengers while using the foot hammock, she said she hasn't had any complaints after more than 20 flights.

And lifestyle and travel writer Kaitlyn McInnis also backed it, saying: "I notice a big difference when I’m able to stretch my legs out straight – which can be tough in a small economy seat.

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