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A MAN said he was slammed by his girlfriend for booking her a cheap flight that wasn't direct – and people are saying the same thing.

He explained on Reddit that they were planning a trip together for Valentine's Day, but he had run into some financial problems recently.

His girlfriend booked the resort for them, as it cost more, and booked a "nice" place for them.

He organised the flights – only for him to buy a cheaper one for her with a layover, leaving her annoyed.

He wrote on Reddit: "She's upset because the plane ticket I bought has a layover.

"She's mad because she's going to, in her own words, 'be stuck in an airport/plane for like 12 hours' because I cheaped out and didn't buy her a direct flight.

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"She also said that I know she's terrified of planes and now I'm making her take four of them instead of two (round-trip) so she doesn't even want the ticket anymore and will just cancel the trip entirely or buy her own ticket."

The man explained that the layover added another 4-5 hours to the flight, when a direct flight was jsut 3.5 hours.

He also said it around $100 (£81) cheaper than the direct flight.

He said he thought she was "entitled" but asked if he was in the wrong.

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Surprisingly, no-one was on his side and said he was in the wrong.

One person said: "YTA. She got a nice resort for you both, and you cheaped out on the plane ticket with no thought of her comfort."

Someone else wrote: "YTA. Making her spend 4-5 hours each way at an extra airport just to save $100 and then call her entitled? Dude, if you were my boyfriend, I'd totally dump you."

A third pointed out: "If you can’t afford to spend the $100, you shouldn’t be going on this trip. Period."

It's not the first time a couple has caused debate on Reddit.

One man publicly shamed his girlfriend for accepting a free upgrade on a flight.

And a woman dumped her boyfriend after his mum refused to pay for her first class flight, despite the rest of the family getting the free upgrade.

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