Man surprises his girlfriend with upgrade to business class only for her to be left furious – but people are divided | The Sun

A MAN has revealed how his girlfriend reacted furiously just because he surprised her with an upgraded flight.

Most passengers dream of getting an upgrade to business class when flying long-haul, but this man's girlfriend divided opinion when she complained about getting better seats as a gift.

The pair were preparing for a lengthy journey from Scandinavia to Costa Rica and ahead of the journey, the man thought it would be a nice idea to pay for an upgrade.

However, when he told his partner, she didn't react how he had hoped.

Instead of being happy about the nice gift, she said he was stupid for spending so much money on the flights.

So the man took to Reddit to ask others if he had behaved reasonably, or not.

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He wrote: "Me (29F) and my partner (31F) are planning a trip from where we live in Scandinavia to Costa Rica. It is a very long flight with a layover. 

"We spoke briefly of trying to upgrade it to business class – she doesn't really care about these things but I do, and think it would be nice to experience it with her.

"I called the airline and asked how much it would cost to upgrade to business class, it was 900USD, so I bought it, it was a treat on me. It was meant to be a surprise, but I blurted it out excitedly.

"I was met with yelling and she was on the verge of tears. She berated me a little and said it was so stupid to spent money on this, and that she doesn't care about this.

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"I genuinely did not realise it was going to make her so upset. It's something I wanted so I paid for it. I thought we would have a cute time getting cosy and all relaxed on the flight there to start our trip on a good note."

The man's generous touch divided opinion among the other Reddit users.

Some said it seemed like the man was only really thinking of himself instead of his partner.

One wrote: "It doesn't sound like this was a treat for her, it was a treat for yourself.

"She has made it clear that she doesn't care about better seats, and that she doesn't think it's a wise way to spend money. No part of this is for her enjoyment."

Another argued: "I'm like your girlfriend. I really don't like my husband spending on luxuries for me. A luxury for me is financial security."

However, others were less upset, saying she should have just accepted the present.

One said: "I think she reacted poorly to a very nice gesture/gift.

"There are so many ways she could have expressed her concern about the cost other than how she did."

A second added: "There are too many misery guts or anxiety filled people who can't take a nice gesture for what it is."

The argument isn't the first to be had by a couple over the issue of upgraded plane seats.

Another man also sparked debate online after publicly shaming his girlfriend for accepting a free upgrade on a flight.

The abandoned boyfriend was left behind in economy class, while his partner got to make the most of her airline points in a more comfortable seat.

He said it was "messed up" that his partner would desert him for a better chair, especially when it was only in premium economy and not first class.

And if the tables were turned, he insisted he would "never" accept the upgrade.

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Meanwhile, you can increase your chances of being the one to get bumped up, including travelling solo and not requesting special meals.

There is another way you may end up in first class if you're in economy – and it's if your seat is broken.

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