Most expensive restaurant dishes in US and Canada

Forking out! The most expensive menu items from across the US, REVEALED – from a $580 caviar-topped potato to a 24K gold-covered $2,700 steak and $2,000 PIZZA… but are they REALLY worth the eye-watering price tags?

  • A low-key pizza store in the city of Richmond has a fancy pie for $850
  • Caviar Kaspia at The Mark Hotel in New York has a caviar-topped potato for $540
  • Berco’s gold-coated Billion Dollar Popcorn is priced at $2,500 for a 6.5-gallon tin

These are certainly dishes you will want to savor with each mouthful, given the eye-watering price tags.

A spread of restaurants across the country have gone about crafting one-of-kind, Instagrammable dishes in a bid to satisfy deep-pocketed diners. 

Chefs have sourced rare and luxurious ingredients, from caviar to gold leaf, and in some cases they’ve ditched standard white plates in favor of cut crystal platters. has been in touch with a number of U.S. eateries to find what the most expensive dishes are currently on the menu. 

From a gilded $2,000 pizza in New York to a $140 foie gras-topped cheesesteak in Philadelphia, munch your way down for a fill of uber-fancy treats.

Caviar Kaspia at The Mark, New York: Baked potato topped with caviar, $540

One of Caviar Kaspia’s signature dishes is a baked potato topped with caviar

Famed Parisian caviar purveyor Caviar Kaspia recently opened its second outpost in the U.S. with a residency at upscale The Mark Hotel in New York. 

One of the brand’s signature dishes is a baked potato topped with caviar. The price of this creation ranges from $95 to $540 depending on the type of caviar used and the size of the dollop.

Executive chef Steven Barrantes told about the elaborate preparation process. He explained: ‘The Yukon gold potatoes are baked until warm and soft, then we scoop out the center, season with salt, add heavy cream and black pepper, and stuff it back in the skin. After that, the essential second bake helps to achieve the beautiful golden-brown color. 

‘Every potato comes generously topped with the caviar of a guest’s choosing, accompanied by a whipped chive grand reserve crème fraiche and freshly made bite-size blinis. We can also serve egg yolks, egg whites, red onion and capers with the dish as additional accompaniments.’

Blogger SuddenChic, who visited Caviar Kaspia’s Paris restaurant in 2017, left a raving review of the caviar potato. She wrote: ‘Is it worth it? Yes. 

‘The texture is cloud-like, and the caviar is great. I opted for the White Sturgeon option. 

‘It’s incredibly indulgent both in price and health-wise (so much butter, cream and carbs all in one meal!!), though, so it’s something I would personally only eat on special occasions.’

The Ainsworth, New York: 24K Gold Wings, $1,000 

The Ainsworth’s 24K Gold Wings cost $1,000 for 50 and the offering comes complete with a bottle of Le Chemin Du Roi Brut champagne

Chic New York sports bar chain The Ainsworth has put a luxury spin on game day platters. While a standard serving of chicken wings starts at $16, there’s a swankier version for patrons with cash to splash. 

The Ainsworth’s 24K Gold Wings cost $1,000 for 50 and the offering comes complete with a bottle of Le Chemin Du Roi Brut champagne from rapper 50 Cent.

The shimmering pieces of meat are also served with a golden chipotle BBQ sauce, ‘top-shelf bleu’ cheese and carrots.

Writer Amanda Gabriele, who tried the gold wings when they launched in 2018, described them as ‘surprisingly delicious.’

She said: ‘The sweet honey barbecue flavor was very apparent upfront, but the spicy chipotle notes came through more and more with each bite. Our mouths were tingling by the end… thanks to a spice level that we’d consider medium.’ 

Nougatine & The Terrace at Jean-Georges, New York: Egg toast with caviar and herbs, $78

The Egg Toast is a signature dish from Michelin-starred chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Michelin star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten is known for crafting refined and fanciful dishes, and one of his signature menu items is a luxurious version of egg toast. 

Priced at $78 at his flagship New York outpost, the bite-sized morsel consists of a cooked egg yolk sandwiched between two slim pieces of brioche and topped with a dollop of caviar.

TripAdvisor reviewer Gary B, who visited the eatery in 2017, said of the creation: ‘This was brilliant, I am not a great egg person, the egg yolk was perfect, sublime with the toast crunch and saltiness of the caviar… I can still taste it.’

Industry Kitchen, New York: 24K pizza, $2,000 

Industry Kitchen, which is located in downtown Manhattan, has a pizza called the 24K which is priced at $2,000

While New York is famed for its dollar slices, there is one restaurant that is serving up pies for more than $200. 

Industry Kitchen, which is located in downtown Manhattan next to the East River, specializes in pizza, but it has one that stands out from the rest. The eatery has a pizza called the 24K, which is priced at $2,000. 

The creation, which must be ordered 48 hours in advance, features a thin dough base made from black squid ink and topped with white stilton cheese, foie gras, dollops of Osetra caviar, truffle shavings and flakes of edible 24K gold. 

Scott Wiener, who taste-tested it in 2018 for Thrillist, said: ‘It’s without a doubt the craziest pizza I’ve ever seen in my life. This is insane. This is way tastier than I ever could have imagined.

‘The cheese is the strongest element of this pizza, the gold is the total visual thing. I mean I don’t know what gold tastes like. It’s a softer and spongier crust.’

He pointed out that the pizza doesn’t come piping hot as this would make the caviar go bad and it also takes time to layer the ingredients. 

Saltbae, New York: Giant Golden Tomahawk, $2,700

The Giant Golden Tomahawk at the Nusr-Et steak restaurant in New York costs $2,700

The Nusr-Et steak restaurant in New York, owned by Turkish salt-sprinkling celebrity chef Salt Bae, is offering guests a gold-plated hunk of beef for $2,700 a pop.

The Giant Golden Tomahawk weighs 70oz and it comes coated in a layer of edible 24K gold. 

The menu states that the ‘highly marbled’ piece of meat was ‘sourced from the top Wagyu producers around the world.’ 

One diner, who previously ate a gold-wrapped piece of meat one of Nusr-Et’s outlets, told that it was the ‘best steak he’d ever tasted,’ but was unsure if it was the gold that made the difference. 

However, he said that the metallic morsel was certainly more ‘glamorous’ than the average chop and ‘attracted a lot of attention from fellow diners.’ 

Berco’s Popcorn, Chicago: Billion Dollar Popcorn, $2,500

Berco’s Billion Dollar Popcorn, which is priced at $2,500 for a 6.5-gallon tin or $5 for just one kernel, features a mix of fancy ingredients

Popcorn has an addictive quality but you will want to take your time with these gold-encrusted balls. Chicago-based popcorn brand Berco’s went about creating a popcorn flavor fit for a prince or princess.

The company’s Billion Dollar Popcorn, which is priced at $2,500 for a 6.5-gallon tin or $5 for just one kernel, features a mix of fancy ingredients. 

Owner Matt Bercovitz explained that he went about combining organic sugar, butter from Vermont Creamery, and Nielsen-Massey’s Madagascar Bourbon pure vanilla for the coating. He also sourced salt from the Danish island of Laeso.  

He added: ‘As if all of that wasn’t enough, the caramel corn is covered in 23 karat edible gold flake. I think that is enough tangible evidence to prove my point of how Berco’s Billion Dollar Popcorn it is The Most Expensive Popcorn in the World.’

Sugar Factory, various locations: World Famous Sugar Factory King Kong Sundae, $99 

Sugar Factory’s World Famous Sugar Factory King Kong Sundae costs $99

The sweet-themed American restaurant chain, the Sugar Factory, doesn’t do things by halves and it has a spread of over-the-top creations on its menu. One of the most lavish dishes on offer is the World Famous Sugar Factory King Kong Sundae.

The sugar-filled dessert, which costs $99 and serves 12 people, features 20 scoops of ice-cream covered with hot fudge, caramel and strawberry sauces.

Other components include a caramelized banana, marshmallows, chocolate chip cookie chunks, a glazed donut, a vanilla cupcake, and a white chocolate-covered strawberry.

To finish things off, the toppings comprise gummy bears, M&Ms, Skittles, sprinkles, graham cracker crumbles, waffle cones, unicorn pops, candy necklaces, whipped cream and gummy cherries. 

Sugar Factory’s other bank-busting offering is a $150 24K Gold Burger, served with ‘freshly dusted’ golden French fries and a 24K Golden Milkshake featuring Ferrero Rocher golden truffles, a gold-encrusted chocolate donut and whipped cream.

Serendipity3, New York: World’s Most Expensive Fries, $200 

Serendipity3 serves up a $200 plate of French fries, topped with truffles and edible gold

Famed New York restaurant Serendipity3, which has welcomed everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Andy Warhol over the decades, is known for its eclectic American food offerings and it has several record-breaking dishes due to their jaw-dropping price tags. 

One of the high-priced creations is a $200 plate of French fries. 

The record-breaking fries are fashioned out of the ‘highest quality’ Chipperbeck potatoes. These are then blanched in Dom Perignon champagne and champagne vinegar before being thrice cooked in pure goose fat from France.

The most expensive elements are added at the final stage, with black summer truffles from Umbria shaved over the top along with a sprinkling of Crete Senesi Pecorino cheese, truffle salt and 23K edible gold dust.

In addition, the pricey potato sticks are served with a creamy sauce made with black truffle butter and truffle-infused Swiss cheese, while all of the elements come served on a Baccarat crystal plate. A request for the fries must be made in advance.

Stevenson Pizza Company, Richmond, BC: C6 Pizza, $850

Stevenson Pizza Company offers a $850 creation called the C6

A low-key pizza store in the city of Richmond in British Columbia has a pricey pie catering to deep pocketed customers. 

Stevenson Pizza Company offers a $850 creation called the C6.

While the dough is the same as the one used for other pizzas, the toppings take things up a level, with the components including tiger prawns, lobster ratatouille, smoked steelhead, Russian Osetra caviar, and Italian white truffles. 

Customers must give the store one day’s notice for the 12-inch C6. 

For less cash-rich patrons, the pizza maker offers a range of other menu items with prices starting from $20.

Barclay Prime, Philadelphia: Barclay Prime Cheesesteak, $140

The Barclay Prime has rustled up a luxury version of the humble Philadelphia cheesesteak, with it priced at $140

The Philadelphia cheesesteak is a staple fast food dish on the east coast, but one restaurant in the city has given it an upgrade. 

The Barclay Prime, which describes itself as a sleek and sexy space for world-class cuisine’ has rustled up a luxury version of the humble cheesesteak, with it priced at $140. 

Instead of standard strips of beefsteak, the swanky sesame roll sandwich features artfully cut slices of wagyu ribeye, topped with foie gras, onions, and truffled cheese whiz sauce. 

To wash it down, the hearty morsel comes served with half a bottle of champagne.

TripAdvisor reviewer samanthasnellen tried the creation in 2016 and said of it: ‘It’s sooooo smooth… [I] wish it never ended. It isn’t a fat cheesesteak… filled with a billion different things but three delectable flavors that just are awesome. My boyfriend and I loved it.’


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