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A MUM has revealed how she makes sure her kids don't get lost when going on family holidays.

Travel show presenter and mother Samantha Brown has picked up some important travel tips from her job, and a lot of those involve travelling with kids.

With inquisitive children prone to wandering off, Samantha revealed how she makes sure she always knows how to find them, should they go missing.

Firstly, she recommends using clothes tactically to help you identify your kids, and also to help them identify you.

In a video on Instagram, she said: "Losing your child in a crowd is one of the scariest feelings.

"You can always dress your kids in bright colours so you recognise them right away.

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"I also like to put something on my head, or my body, that they can spot right away as well."

Samantha demonstrated this point in her video by wearing an orange hat that is easily identified by her kids.

Her next bit of advice is to teach children to approach other parents if they get lost.

In a big crowd of strangers, it can be difficult to know who to trust.

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However, other parents are likely to be the people who will sympathise with your situation the most and will likely be able to offer the most help.

She said: "I've also told my kids, should they get separated from me, to look for a mum. They just seem the obvious people to be able to help you."

Technology is also a way to keep an eye on small children too.

A lot of people use AirTags to track down luggage and other items nowadays, but there's no reason why they can't be used to track wandering toddlers.

Samantha continued: "I got those AirTags to put in my luggage just in case luggage gets lost.

"Could I put those into the pockets of my children?"

Other people commented on the video with tips of their own for stopping their kids from getting lost.

One wrote: "We wear matching clothes and I write my phone number on their hand."

Another said: "Take a picture of your kid at the beginning of your day. It’s easy to forget what they were wearing. And you’ll have an up to date photo if needed."

A third said they had a musical tactic, adding: "We have a family whistle! So many memories whistling back and forth."

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