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A WOMAN was left stunned after her 90 minute flight was cancelled – only to rebook one that took 10 HOURS by mistake.

Alexandra Duffin was travelling from Sydney to Melbourne with Jetstar, which usually takes around 90 minutes.

Despite her flight taking off at 9:45pm, she received an email from the airline at 12pm saying it had been cancelled due to "operational requirements".

She said she had to rebook her flight so found one at 8:25pm instead – only to realise her mistake.

She told her followers on TikTok: "I straight away did the replacement flight and saw 8.25pm to Melbourne — that doesn’t seem that bad, it's just an hour earlier."

However, she didn't realise how long the flight was – as it had two stopovers, and would take 10 hours.

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She continued: "I'm going from Sydney to Darwin to Melbourne, I land in Melbourne at 6am in the morning. It's a 10-hour flight.

"Guys help me I don’t know what I'm doing with myself."

The long flight was because instead of a direct flight from Sydney to Melbourne – around 444 miles – she would be flying to the north of Australia, only to go all the way back down again – a whopping 3,898 miles.

More than 240,000 people watched her video on TikTok, with many saying they had their own flights cancelled as well due to high winds in Melbourne right now.

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One person joked: "You'll save on a night in a hotel I guess."

Someone else wrote: "Sorry I didn’t mean to laugh so much… but this is something I would do."

Others had similar horror stories, with another person commenting: "Same happened to us from Melbourne.

"They wanted us to fly to Tasmania then Sydney it would have taken 10 hours."

Alexandra said she eventually rebooked onto a 7pm direct flight with Qantas instead, but was left annoyed as she was in Sydney for an event, so had to leave earlier.

She told Yahoo Australia: "They should have told me the night before.

"I was actually a bit annoyed, because I had my seat and extra luggage paid for."

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A Jetstar spokesperson said they offered a number of alternative direct flights to help Alexandra, adding: "We thank Ms Duffin for her flexibility and were pleased to be able to assist her to choose a flight at a time that suited her."

Here is how to get compensation if your flight is cancelled or delayed.

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