My boyfriend came up with a cheeky trick to stop people sitting next to us on a flight – we have so much extra room now | The Sun

A COUPLE have revealed how they keep their middle seat free during flights – and it's "rocking" people on TikTok.

A video posted on TikTok shows a woman panning the camera across her three-seated row – revealing her partner rocking what appears to be a baby engulfed in a blanket.

It is, however, a ploy to keep the seat free for extra space during the flight.

The clip, viewed nearly 3 million times, then returns to user olivialynne93, holding her hand to her mouth to hide her amusement.

The video's caption reads: "The things he'll do to keep the middle seat open on an airplane."

Many applauded the handy life hack.

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"Omg that's so clever, I gotta try that", one commented.

Another chimed in: "Fantastic! I pretend to be really sick!!"

Others, though, highlighted a major flaw in the couple's scheme.

One user pointed out: "As if that would stop me if that was my seat on my boarding pass."

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In agreement, one enquired: "Are there still airlines that don’t pre-assign seats?"

Meanwhile, one flight attendant has revealed that she and her colleagues are all fully aware of TikTok hand luggage hacks.

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