Written by Alice Porter

After years of lockdown restrictions, 2022 is set to be the year we celebrate everything. Here are the party trends to expect.

2020 was the year we weren’t allowed to party and 2021 was the year we didn’t really want to. So will 2022 finally see the return of big celebrations? Apparently so, but not in the way you’d imagine, according to a report by Pinterest.

The image-led social media platform has predicted that we’ll embrace celebrations that mark fresh milestones and open new chapters in 2022. And not just the usual milestones like birthdays, anniversaries and moving house. Next year, we’ll be celebrating some of the milestones we might typically view as negative, like break-ups, divorces and quitting a job.

It makes sense, really. If we’re going to start embracing parties again, why not celebrate everything? The difficulties of the past two years with frequent lockdowns and constant uncertainty have given us more reason than ever to put a more positive spin on things. It also gave us ample time that we didn’t have before to reflect on the things that were happening to us.

With so many people reconsidering their relationships in lockdown and The Great Resignation still ongoing, Pinterest predict that we will celebrate the big changes we make to our lives rather than regret them.

Some people are already ahead of the 2022 trend, as TikTok users are sharing the break-up parties they’ve thrown for themselves and their friends. One TikTok user describes her friend’s break-up celebration as an “end of an error” party, as their friends get together to make cocktails, buy themed decorations and go out to nightclubs.

Anna Cook, community manager at the events company Skiddle, says events are already taking on a whole new meaning, which she mostly puts down to the pandemic. “We’ve already seen a rise in experimental celebrations, a drive in raves, socially distant clubs and festivals. This is where the trailblazers and the pioneers of the scene will always prevail and succeed in bringing people together no matter what comes next,” she says.

Celebrate your divorce with a party in 2022.

So, will you be throwing yourself a break-up party or celebrate quitting your job with a celebration cake? Don’t put it past yourself just yet – who knows what 2022 will bring!

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