Passenger labelled both 'genius' and 'selfish' for bringing airbed to boarding gate | The Sun

FOR most travellers, catching forty winks at the airport is impossible.

But one holidaymaker had a trick up their sleeve to ensure they grabbed a quick nap before boarding their flight.

A photo shared in the "I heart cabin crew" Facebook page showed a passenger sleeping on an airbed at the boarding gate with the caption: "This person is living the dream".

The post has been liked over 4,000 times on Facebook and received nearly 1,000 comments, including many mixed opinions.

One person wrote: "Actually genius, after my last 5 hour layover and my almost 19 hour day of travel I would have loved this even just to relax and put my feet up."

While many users thought this was the perfect way to get some shut eye, others labelled the passenger as "selfish" because the airbed was taking up valuable seating for other passengers.

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One wrote: "Great idea except he is blocking four seats."

Another person added: "I wonder if he slept right through the entire loading process and got left behind!!!??"

This isn't the first time a passenger has been labelled selfish when travelling – on a flight from Montreal Adam Butler was faced with the female passenger in front's locks draped over the back of her chair.

Because of her long hair, his view of the in flight entertainment was obscured by the curly strands – ahead of the seven hour flight.

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Meanwhile another holidaymaker sparked fury after he pretended to need a wheelchair to jump massive airport queues.

Wolf Jenkins filmed himself skipping more than two hours worth of queues at Milas-Bodrum Airport in Turkey by pretending he had sprained his ankle.

Another passenger sparked a debate after choosing to use a reading light on a plane, when all the other lights were off.

These are the etiquette rules for reclining seats on plane journeys.

And this is why passengers on planes are just generally really annoying.

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