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A WOMAN was left shocked after another rude passenger blocked her from taking a photo of the sunrise on a flight.

Whenever a passenger has bagged – or booked – a window seat on a flight, it is the perfect opportunity to get some holiday photos.

The woman, who is known as catherineharris_, posted a video on TikTok showcasing the rude actions of the man in the row in front.

In a caption over the video, she wrote: "The audacity of this man on our flight who wouldn't let me take a pic[ture] of the sunrise."

At the start of the video, the woman holds her phone up to the plane window in an attempt to take a photo of the sunrise on her flight.

With her phone held up to the window, a man's elbow appears from the row in front and knocks the phone away from the window.

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In another clip, the passenger in front blocks the photo with their own phone and continues to elbow the young woman's phone away from the view.

The video has been viewed over 133,000 times, and users flooded the comments to slam the rude behaviour.

One wrote: "Literally doesn't even affect him."

Another added: "Why can’t they just let us enjoy this little life we have."

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A few people in the comments thought the video was a hoax.

However, Catherine said it wasn't and simply replied: "I wish".

This isn't the first time someone has been rude on a flight.

One woman was slammed after she used the seat in front of her as footrest.

And another passenger sparked fury after he disturbed his seatmate four times to use the toilet.

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