A MAN has divided opinion after he refused to swap seats with a kid during a flight so they could have the window seat.

The passenger was travelling from San Francisco to New York, and said he had built up enough air miles to upgrade to a first class seat.

He chose the window seat, only to realise he was sitting next to a woman and her two kids.

He wrote on Reddit: "The lady asked me if I could switch seats so her kid could have the window.

"If this was economy, I would probably switch so the kid could have the window.

"However, I don’t get to fly first class very often and was looking forward to this flight. So, I simply said 'no sorry'."

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He said not only did the kid "throw a fit" but the mum then tried to guilt trip him into switching during the flight.

He asked if he was in the wrong, despite passengers being able to prebook seats, and added that the kids were still able to fly first class.

His friend said he was in the wrong, while some people online understood where the mum came from.

One said: "Depending on the flight she could have thought you were upgraded or didn't really care."

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Another said: "I don't think asking is rude. When I was younger I figured out needing an aisle seat but didn't figure out booking in advance yet."

But most people said he did nothing wrong in saying no.

One person wrote: "Absolutely blameless. They had the same opportunity to reserve a window. Not your fault that they did not."

Someone else agreed: "Children need to learn that they are not entitled to other people's things."

Others shared their own experience: "This actually happened to me on a flight once too and it really annoys me how some people think they can guilt you into doing them a favour to suit their narrative."

It isn't the first time passengers have refused to switch seats.

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