A PASSENGER was left baffled after spotting a strange item that had been confiscated at airport security.

While most passengers know about the 100ml rule when it comes to flying with liquids, it can be confusing when establishing what is a liquid.

And one traveller seemed to think that baked beans did not fall into the liquid category.

Someone wrote on Reddit: "Someone tried (and failed) to take a tin of baked beans through security at Manchester Airport."

A picture then showed the sad tin of beans sitting on the security table.

Another traveller also chimed in saying they saw a tin of beans just hours later at the same airport.

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Everyone was saying the same thing in the comments – as they weren't impressed with the type of beans.

One person said: "It’s not Branston so no loss."

Another said: "If it was Branston beans, would have been allowed."

Someone dared to suggest Heinz was better, only for someone to add: "Careful with that talk – it's more of a Branston's crowd [here]."

Other people shared the weird food items they thought might catch them out at the airport security scanners.

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One man wrote: "My girlfriend once checked with the security guy if she was allowed to take jam tarts through with her because she was worried that they might count the jam as a liquid.

"If anyone else is worried, you can take them through with you."

Another added: "I once filled my liquids bag with creme eggs as I had thought the inside was a liquid, the security man laughed very hard."

We've revealed the food you ARE allowed to take through airport security.

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