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A WOMAN has revealed the clever packing trick she uses to avoid hefty baggage fees, but not everyone is impressed.

Baggage fees can really ramp up the cost of a holiday, leading people to try drastic measures to get around them.

Faith, who is known as the gouldstandard on TikTok, has revealed how she has avoided baggage fees on an upcoming trip.

In a recent TikTok video, Faith explained that she planned on posting her luggage to her hotel room rather than forking out for a checked bag.

A voiceover to her video said: "Let's see how much it is to ship my luggage to Florida versus paying $150 [£121] to Spirit Airlines."

In the video, Faith tossed various items into a large cardboard box including dresses, swimsuits, sun cream and full-sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

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Once she'd filled the box with her belongings, she taped it shut and wrote the address details.

At the end of the video, Faith revealed that it cost $34.33 [£27.70] to post the box, which was $115 [£92.78] cheaper than adding a checked bag onto her flight.

Despite saving herself over $100 [£80.68], some users thought she could've been savvier with her packing.

One person wrote: "That could have fit in a personal item bag."

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While another added: "I just pack small with one carry-on bag."

Other users disputed the cost of a checked bag with the airline as they'd been quoted $50 [£40] or $90 [£72] for their own flights.

But a handful of those in the comments praised the packing technique and shared their own stories.

One wrote:"Literally do this every time I go to my mum's instead of paying Frontier."

Another added: "I have shipped my dirty clothes home to have room in my carry-on for souvenirs."

Another couple on TikTok revealed they travel using hang luggage only when flying with budget airlines.

Ily Thompstone (@lilythompstone) and her partner comfortably fit all their possessions into their £10 bags for their three-night trip to Prague.

Flight attendant Caroline Kneitz recommended checking-in online to avoid unwanted baggage charges.

Meanwhile this passenger has been hailed for his ingenious trick to avoid an extra bag charge.

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