PASSENGERS have slammed Ryanair after they boarded what they described as the "dirtiest flight ever" – but not everyone agrees with them.

Video footage showed wrappers and leftovers on the floor of the aircraft underneath the seats that the passengers had been allocated for their flight.

The footage, posted with the caption "avoid Ryanair", was shared on Tiktok by the account @scottandsals, who said they were told by flight attendants that the planes weren't cleaned between flights.

They were seen in the video pointing at the debris on the floor of the aircraft before they were due to set off.

The Tiktok has now been seen more than 1.7million times and has received a mixed response from the wider public.

Several people agreed with scottandsals' point of view, that it was too dirty on the plane.

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One said: "And that’s another reason why I would never fly Ryanair."

Another wrote: "I had the same problem last year. I was on my way back from Lanzarote with Ryanair and there was crisps everywhere."

However, other passengers weren't so keen to blame to airline for the mess.

Many pointed out that the cabin crew weren't paid to clean and were instead busy making sure the plane was ready to take off on time.

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The Tiktok user slammed Ryanair, describing the flight as the "dirtiest ever"Credit: Tiktok/@scottandsals

One said: "They have 25 minutes on the ground they can barely complete safety checks let alone cleaning duties.

"Don’t blame them – blame the people who left it."

Another said: "Ryanair have a tight turnaround period.

"Unfortunately some people are messy and don’t care about anyone else who may sit there after them."

A Ryanair spokesperson told Sun Online Travel: “Our aircraft are cleaned during every turnaround.”

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Meanwhile, another passenger was slammed online for leaving a horrible sticky mess in a plane's seat pocket.

And this man was seen throwing dirty wet wipes on the floor of the plane.

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