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IF YOUR travel pillow isn't supporting both your neck and your phone at the same time, then it's just been made obsolete.

Nodding off during a flight can sometimes seem impossible, particularly in economy class cabins.

While the Spice of Life Mobile Pillow looks strange, it promises to keep your neck pain-free while watching the telly.

The travel pillow is shaped like a snake with a phone holder attached to one end.

It's made from micro-beads, which means the noddle can be twisted and adjusted into just about any position possible.

The outside cover can also be hand-washed, so it can be kept squeaky clean for all your travelling and lounging needs.

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It comes in four colours including black, grey, pink and red.

While the travel pillow cost £73 earlier this year, the cost has been slashed to £46 on Amazon.

It has a 3.7/5 rating from 18 reviews on Amazon.

One very impressed buyer wrote: "I tried this soft mobile pillow on a whim. It’s essentially a long gooseneck surrounded by a stuffed pillow.

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"And it’s made a huge difference. I use it in bed, on the sofa, outside, and it allows me to save my hand strength by going hands free.

"It’s really comfortable, bends well, and I love that the cover comes off and is machine washable."

Someone else agreed: "I've been looking for a pillow or device to hold my phone while I'm in bed or watching TV. This is the greatest thing ever!"

A third added: "Love this product so much. Extremely versatile and useful. One of the best things I have purchased!"

For those holidaymakers who can't afford to spend £46 on a travel pillow, there are plenty of cheaper ways to get comfortable on a flight.

Earlier this year, one man shared his strange travel pillow hack on TikTok.

His hack only sets him back 70p a pop – although we're not sure he's being serious.

This is because the man in question used a packet of crisps to get some shut-eye on his flight.

Meanwhile, a woman revealed how she stuffs her travel pillow with items like clothes.

Not only can she fit more into her hand luggage for free, but she can also snooze on her flight – it's a win, win!

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