Pilot reveals the 3 big mistakes passengers make that will annoy everyone onboard | The Sun

A PILOT has revealed some of the biggest mistakes passengers make when on the plane – and how much they annoy crew.

The anonymous pilot said they had been flying for more than 10 years on a major carrier.

One of the biggest mistakes people make, they said, was using the overhead call button for simple requests.

They slammed it as being "lazy" and said it was best to go and get whatever you need yourself.

They told the Mail Online: "The crew might tell you to press the call bell next time to prevent crowding in that area but at least then you know and you will have built up some rapport."

Not only that, but other passengers who need something more urgently will have to wait longer.

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Another big inflight no-no? Walking around barefoot.

The pilot warned that the cabin carpet is vacuumed not never mopped – and that people "vomit on these daily".

And the liquid in the bathroom? Don't think that's water as it's most likely not.

They warned to choose hotel slippers or flip flops, and treat the floor as if staying at a "dirty hostel".

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How you put your suitcases in the overhead lockers could be annoying crew too.

The bins are tight, especially on budget airlines when everyone is travelling with suitcases.

They warned: "If you can, store your bag in the overhead bin with the wheels facing the window, this will make the most of the space and you can usually fit two to three weekend suitcases in this way."

They also said you are not entitled to the locker above your seat as it is first come first serve, which other experts have backed.

Singapore Airlines' public affairs manager Karl Schubert said that passengers should put their belongings in the bin nearest to their seat if possible.

Flight attendant Nancy Lee added: "If you are the first person on the plane, remember that the overhead bin isn’t all for you.

"Stow any second smaller item you have under the seat in front of you.

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