Plane expert reveals hack that would solve the armrest battle once and for all | The Sun

WHEN booking a flight, most people try to avoid the middle seat.

But middle seat misery could soon become a thing of the past, after a travel expert revealed how a simple design change could make for more comfortable seating.

Dr Joe Leader, boss of the Airline Passenger Experience Association, told Simple Flying how staggered plane seats would give economy passengers more room and privacy.

He said: "I would push through slightly staggered seating. It simply requires a middle seat to be two inches forward or back, and it stops the competition for the armrests."

Staggered seats would prevents passengers' shoulders, elbows, arms and thighs from touching.

As well as the extra room, economy passengers in the middle seat would get a touch more privacy from their window and aisle neighbours.

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Dr Leader said: "A semblance of privacy in economy class would go tremendously long way towards making the economy class seating solution better.

"And I hope that airlines are willing to take a risk and adopt those new innovations."

Other variations of the staggered seat also include flip-up booster seats, additional footrests and an extra headrests for added comfort

While several designs already exist, no airline has opted for staggered seating to date.

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Even though these seats would improve passenger comfort and happiness, many airlines don't have the cash to implement dramatic changes to their cabins.

But with long-haul flights on the rise, staggered seat innovation may be the solution airlines are looking for to attract passengers.

Even though a study by Virgin Australia found just one per cent of people book the middle rather than the aisle or window seat.

Research done by the Aviation Safety Network found that the middle seat is actually the safest on a plane in the event of an emergency.

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