PORTUGAL plans to introduce strict new rental rules that will affect tourists who stay in short-term holiday lets.

Earlier this week, the Portuguese government announced a hefty package of measures to tackle the country's housing crisis.

One of the suggested proposals includes a ban on new licenses for Airbnbs and other short-term holiday rental properties.

This is because house and rental prices have sky-rocketed in Portugal in recent years.

According to Reuters, over half of Portuguese workers earned less than €1,000 per month in 2022.

At the same time, rental prices in the country jumped by an average of 37 per cent.

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Housing groups have said that these factors, as well as an economy that's dependent on tourism, have made it hard for locals to rent or buy properties.

Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa said the crisis was now affecting all families – not just the most vulnerable.

While it's not clear when the measures will come into effect, some are expected to be approved next month.

Other measures will then be voted in by lawmakers.

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But the planned proposals have received fierce opposition from Left Bloc party MP Mariana Mortagua who criticised the government of giving tax-breaks to landlords.

The country will also end it's Golden Visa programme, which offers EU passports to non-EU nationals.

Portugal isn't the only country in Europe that has introduced measures that will affect holidaymakers.

Popular Spanish hotspots, such as Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, are looking to ban British tourists in a major tourism shake up.

The destinations want less holidaymakers from the UK flocking to their shores because they've become "tourist-saturated areas".

And the mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau has already introduced a number of restrictions to prevent more tourists visiting.

This includes a ban on new hotels in the city centre, restrictions on the number of hotel beds, and curbing plans to expand the airport.

She now wants to reduce the number of cruise ships visiting Barcelona.

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