Revealed: The 50 most Instagrammable places in the world for 2021

Revealed: The 50 most Instagrammable places in the world for 2021 – and it’s Tokyo that’s No1, with Paris, Sydney, New York and London making the top 10

  • We’ve presented them here in reverse order, with a historic Greek city kicking off proceedings 
  • The list includes sprawling, modern cities, dreamy beach locations and places packed with history
  • Renowned big hitters are all present and correct, of course, but the list does included some hidden gems 

If you want to give your Instagram feed a serious kudos boost, head to Tokyo, once travel is back on the agenda, and get snapping.

That’s because it’s number one in a ranking of the world’s most Instagrammable places for 2021.

The list has been drawn up by Big 7 Travel after it analysed Instagram hashtags for destinations around the world, asked the 600,000 people that follow its food and travel Instagram accounts for their opinions and considered the thoughts of its editorial team.

In second place is the stunning archipelago of the Philippines, with Paris third.

Also making the top five are New York City (fourth) and ‘big-time photo-friendly’ Istanbul (fifth). Sydney is eighth and London is in ninth place. 

Scroll down to see the full list, published here in reverse order, and decide which place you’d most like to visit for a spot of ‘gramming…

50. ATHENS: This ancient city is ‘camera-ready at every turn with its crumbling ruins, world-class museums and endless winding streets’, says Big 7 Travel. It adds: ‘As one of the world’s most sought-after tourist destinations, it should come as no surprise that Athens is mega-Instagrammable’ 

49. BAKU: According to Big 7 Travel, ‘the little-known but widely captivating capital of Azerbaijan is loaded with Insta hotspots. From the ultramodern and award-winning Heydar Aliyev Centre to the 12-century remnants of Icherisheher’ 

48. PHUKET: This Thai destination is a ‘perfect blend of scenic and cultural beauty’ and ‘there are plenty of wow-worthy photo ops’, says Big 7 Travel. It recommends snapping Phuket’s Big Buddha, the street art in the old town and the Wat Chalong temple

47. HELSINKI: The Finnish capital is ‘aesthetically pleasing, from its vibrant neighbourhoods like the design district to its unique minimalist architecture and art nouveau buildings’. Big 7 Travel says the best places to get Instagrammable snaps are Helsinki Central Station, the National Theatre and Kallio Church

46. SOFIA: ‘Whether you photograph the serenity that surrounds the Cathedral of Saint Alexander Nevsky [pictured], the countless vintage trams that weave through the city, or hit up the Ivan Vazov National Theatre, there will be plenty of incredible insta-ops in Sofia,’ says Big 7 Travel 

45. CAPE TOWN: According to Big 7 Travel, Cape Town is an ‘Instagrammer’s dream location’. Why? It has ‘endless natural beauty and clifftop views, pastel pink neighbourhoods and turquoise waters’

44. TALLINN: According to Big 7 Travel, the Estonian capital is ‘full of stunning Gothic towers, unbelievable old-world charm and has some of the best-preserved medieval architecture in Europe’. It adds: ‘Basically, you’re set for some very easy Instagrams’ 

43. NICE: Big 7 Travel says that this French Riviera gem ‘checks all the boxes for a super-Instagrammable city’. It explains: ‘You’ve got the stunning beach, wonderful local culture, countless historical quirks and more cosy cafes than you can handle’ 

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42. BRUGES: This Belgian city is ‘truly is a hidden gem’, says Big 7 Travel, which describes Bruges as being ‘loaded with charming canals, quaint cobbled streets and tons of medieval charm’. It adds: ‘Photographing Bruges for the gram brings a totally different era to life’ 

41. HOI AN: ‘This incredibly culturally rich city is busting at the seams with Instagramability,’ says Big 7 Travel, explaining: ‘Whether you’re looking to capture the charming ancient town [pictured], the Thanh Ha Pottery Village or the vibrant Hoi An Central Market, there’s plenty of photography inspo to go around’ 

40. MARRAKECH: ‘Whether you’re looking for that perfect shot while plunged in a hammam bath or strolling the wonderfully colourful markets, Marrakech has plenty in store for you,’ says Big 7 Travel. Pictured is the city’s vibrant Jemaa el-Fnaa market square

39. ARMENIA: According to Big 7 Travel, ‘this culturally rich nation punches way above its weight when it comes to insta-worthy scenes’. It adds: ‘Get the perfect shot at the ever-charming Vernissage flea market loaded with trinkets and carpets galore and then explore the ancient grounds of any one of the country’s many churches and monasteries.’ Pictured is the Armenian capital, Yerevan

38. WARSAW: ‘This Polish gem is literally oozing with colourful Gothic charm perfect for wowing on Instagram,’ explains Big 7 Travel. It adds: ‘From the picture-perfect Old Town Market Square to the Wilanow Palace you’re sure to be left breathless’ 

37. MINSK: The capital of Belarus, pictured, makes the list as it is ‘famous for its hipster flare, delicious street food and quirks leftover from the Soviet era’. Big 7 Travel adds: ‘Minsk truly is a hidden gem’ 

36. LISBON: According to Big 7 Travel, ‘sunshine yellow trams, blistered pastel de Natas and tons of postcard-perfect cobblestoned streets are just a few of the natural draws for photography lovers in Lisbon’

35. DUBLIN: ‘Its plethora of medieval history, charming pubs, street art and lively culture are just a few things that make Dublin an Instagrammer’s dream,’ declares Big 7 Travel, which adds: ‘Ireland’s picturesque capital belongs on everyone’s bucket list’ 

34. KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian capital ‘is practically oozing with insta-aesthetic’. Big 7 Travel suggests: ‘Take in the lush forests of the KL Forest Park, gawk at the glorious colours of the Batu Caves and take in the serene atmosphere of the ever-beautiful Thean Hou Temple’ 

33. SEOUL: In the South Korean capital, ‘there is a remarkable blend of ancient temples and bustling modern atmosphere’. Big 7 Travel says: ‘Decide if you want to spend your day snapping traditional Korean architecture, shrines and temples that’ll transport you centuries into the past; or if you’d rather capture that fantastic hustle and bustle of modern Seoul’ 

32. BUDAPEST: ‘With its relaxing thermal baths and world-class spas to jaw-dropping architecture and medieval quarters, there’s lots of photographic inspiration at every turn,’ says Big 7 Travel 

31. SEATTLE: ‘The land of coffee, rain and lush evergreen forests is one of the world’s most Instagrammable spots,’ says Big 7 Travel. It adds: ‘With bustling local life downtown and within its markets and ferries to its convenient proximity to all sorts of natural delights like mountains and even a volcano; it’s no wonder Seattle is so loved’ 

30. VIENNA: The Austrian capital is ‘full of stunning photo opportunities for Instagrammers’, says Big 7 Travel, including some breathtaking palaces  

29. SAO PAULO: According to Big 7 Travel Sao Paulo ‘is famous for its thriving art museums and music scene, stunning panoramas and vibrant gastronomy culture – perfect for capturing your Brazilian adventure’ 

28. BUENOS AIRES: ‘This pulsating cosmopolitan city is the perfect mashup of heritage, nightlife and modern creativity,’ says Big 7 Travel. And what’s more, it ‘boasts pretty much the best street art scene on the continent’. Pictured is the Palace of the Argentine National Congress

27. JAKARTA: ‘From the sprawling shopping centres to the age-old colonial remnants throughout Old Jakarta and the countless photogenic cafes, it’s no wonder it’s a hit for Instagram,’ says Big 7 Travel 

26. STOCKHOLM: According to Big 7 Travel, ‘the Swedish capital is loved for its iconic city hall and colourful old town [pictured] which happens to be one of Europe’s largest and best-preserved medieval centres’. It adds: ‘Simply put, the island cityscape is seriously gorgeous’ 

25. VANCOUVER: A city where craft brews clink and jaws drop as the sun sets over Whytecliff Park. The Instagram order of the day here is often #nofilter. Big 7 Travel’s summary? ‘ In Vancouver, you get equal parts foodie and nature-lover grams that perfectly embody the Pacific Northwest’

24. LAS VEGAS: ‘Whether you capture the endless retro casinos, world-class resorts, super-cheesy gimmicks or the stunning Bellagio fountains, Vegas’ gram-ability is one of the best in the world,’ declares Big 7 Travel 

23. SAN FRANCISCO: This iconic California city is ‘known for its rich character and endless appeal from the mind-bending Lombard Street to the Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden’. Big 7 Travel suggests: ‘Capture the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge at sunset or let your lens guide you down the hidden corners of the buzzing Fisherman’s Wharf’ 

22. BOGOTA: ‘From breathtaking cityscapes and panoramas to rainbows of street art in addition to Crayola coloured barrios, Bogota is easy to bring to life on the gram,’ says Big 7 Travel 

21. PRAGUE: The Czech capital, pictured, is ‘known for its stunning architecture and is loaded with storied buildings, churches and cobblestoned streets’. Big 7 Travel suggests: ‘Get the iconic shot just in front of the iconic Church of Our Lady before heading to Tyn and stroll the lush grounds of the Vrtba Garden and you’ll be good to go’ 

20. AMSTERDAM: ‘What could be more picture-perfect than bicycles stacked against peaceful canal bridges, Dutch Baroque neighbourhoods and floating flower markets?’ asks Big 7 Travel (not much, we’d wager). It adds: ‘In Amsterdam, you’ll get all that and more

19. MOSCOW: According to Big 7 Travel, ‘architecture lovers will delight at the onion domes of St Basil’s Cathedral [pictured] and the mighty Kremlin walls’. ‘After exploring the iconic Red Square, be sure not to miss the epic GUM mall and intricate metro stations,’ it suggests

18. MILAN: According to Big 7 Travel, ‘it should come as no surprise that one of the world’s fashion capitals is a mecca for the gram’. It explains: ‘Whether your feed is more geared toward style, history, food or culture – Milan has it all’ 

17. TAIWAN: ‘From the National Palace Museum in the bustling capital of Taipei to the hidden tea houses hidden deep within the rural jungles, there’s plenty of allure for an Instagrammer in Taiwan,’ says Big 7 Travel

16. SANTORINI: This archipelago, says Big 7 Travel, is ‘a beautiful place to visit any time of the year’. It continues: ‘White sandy beaches, whitewashed stone walls, ancient temples and vibrant food and flowers make it ideal for photography lovers – you’ve surely seen this island splashed across your social media feed’

15. HONG KONG: This city ‘is undoubtedly one of the most visually stunning concrete jungles out there’, says Big 7 Travel. It  recommends taking a peek at the colourful Choi Hung Estate, the sci-fi Zaha Hadid architecture of the Jockey Club Innovation Tower and the eye-popping densely stacked residential block known as the Monster Building. ‘You’ll be loaded with insta inspiration,’ Big 7 Travel assures us

14. TORONTO: ‘From the iconic CN Tower to the endless murals, charming boutiques, historical Gooderham Building and more, Toronto has plenty to keep your lens busy,’ enthuses Big 7 Travel

13. BERLIN: ‘Edgy. Artsy. And so cool. These are the vibes that the buzzing city of Berlin puts off,’ says Big 7 Travel. ‘Famous for its thriving arts scene and rich history, Berlin is brimming with cultural landmarks, life-changing street art and incredible museums and galleries.’ In other words, the site points out, there’s plenty to keep you snapping

12. MADRID: ‘Buzzing markets, super-photogenic tapas bars, colourful plazas and a literal crystal palace are just a few things to look forward to snapping in Madrid,’ says Big 7 Travel. It proclaims the Spanish capital as ‘the stuff of insta dreams’. Who are we to argue?

11. SINGAPORE: ‘This tiny city-state off southern Malaysia is full of photo-ops, from the iconic Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay to the vibrant kaleidoscope of street art through Haji Lane,’ remarks Big 7 Travel. As this picture shows, the financial district is also pretty photogenic

10. CHICAGO: ‘There are almost 50million #chicago hashtags,’ says Big 7 Travel, ‘and it’s showing no sign of slowing down.’ The photography agenda it recommends includes the ‘mind-bending “Bean” in Millennium Park, the ultra-retro Chicago Theatre and loads of restaurants built for the gram’

9. LONDON: ‘London is one of those cities that just can’t take a bad picture,’ says Big 7 Travel. ‘Search Instagram and you’ll discover more than 145million photos tagged with the #London hashtag. From the opulence that pours out of Buckingham Palace to the iconic candy-coloured houses of Notting Hill and sweeping views from the London Eye, it’s no surprise that London is truly in a league of its own’

8. SYDNEY: ‘Harbour views, iconic architecture and Aussie charm are a few things waiting for you in Sydney,’ says Big 7 Travel. ‘[And] with more than 32million #sydney hashtags on Insta, it’s clearly a popular photo spot’

7. HAVANA: ‘Havana’s frozen-in-time allure is one of the things that makes it so unbelievably photogenic,’ says Big 7 Travel. The lens bait includes crumbling colonial buildings and candy-coloured classic cars (pictured)

6. DUBAI: Behold the ‘Insta-hub of your dreams’. Big 7 Travel quite rightly points out that ‘Dubai was basically made for Instagram’. Sights that will keep you ‘gramming from dawn to dusk include the ultra-luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel, the ‘legendary’ underwater Atlantis, The Palm and ‘one of the world’s most beautiful gardens, Dubai Miracle Garden’

5. ISTANBUL: ‘An incredible blend of all things east and west on the meeting point of Europe and Asia, it’s no wonder Istanbul is big-time photo-friendly,’ comments Big 7 Travel. It rustled up this quick-fire itinerary: ‘Capture the pastel-coloured minarets of Hagia Sophia and then get to know the infinite cats that call the Blue Mosque home. Then browse the world-famous Grand Bazaar with trinkets, spices and Turkish lamps galore’

4. NEW YORK CITY: ‘The City of Dreams, Big Apple, Gotham, the City That Never Sleeps – no matter what you call it, NYC is an experience in and of itself,’ says Big 7 Travel. ‘Be sure to capture the timeless charm of Brooklyn, the romantic rowboats of Central Park and then head to the tippy top of the Empire State Building. NYC will undoubtedly leave you speechless at every turn. The most popular spot for pro-Instagrammers is, of course, the iconic Brooklyn Bridge’

3. PARIS: ‘Charming bistros, buzzing brasseries, corner-street musicians, the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower – need we say more?’ says Big 7 Travel. It doesn’t need to, no. But it adds for good measure: ‘Paris is one of the world’s most iconic and loved cities and it isn’t hard to see why’

2. THE PHILIPPINES: ‘Home to incredible natural wonders like an underground river and tranquil rice terraces in addition to a vibrant culture and history spanning several millennia – and over 7,500 islands – the Philippines as a whole are extremely Instagrammable,’ says Big 7 Travel. The picture above is ample proof for any doubters

1. TOKYO: ‘Ancient shrines, other-worldly art exhibits and vibrant neon-lit billboards galore are just a few things that make Tokyo a hit on the gram,’ writes Big 7 Travel. ‘Take a look at Instagram and your mind will be blown – more than 53million #tokyo hashtags reveal why this city is the most Instagrammable place in the world for 2021.’ Pictured is the famously hectic Shibuya Crossing

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