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THE boss of Ryanair has warned that flight prices are likely to go up again this year.

The low-cost airline's Michael O'Leary said last year that fares would go up by 20 per cent.

This summer, he warned, is likely to see similar rises.

Mr O’Leary told the Telegraph: "There's going to be a second year of low double digits price inflation, because there is no capacity.

“I think this year there is a reasonable prospect… [during] the summer average air fares will be up 10-15 per cent again.”

The average price of a Ryanair flight is around £33, which would increase to nearly £40 with the 15 per cent increase.

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The price increase means a family of four would be paying £160 instead of £132 for their flights.

Many airlines are still struggling to resume pre-pandemic capacity.

And UK airline Flybe went bust earlier this year, further reducing capacity in the airline market.

Mr O'Leary added: "There is no capacity growth in Europe this year, [and] huge demand recovery."

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He previously said that these cheap flights, which are as little as £9.99, won't be seen for years due to oil prices.

Instead of flights under a tenner, Ryanair's spring flight prices often start at £29.99.

And that's not the only reason your flights are to get more expensive.

New rules being put in place by the European Union to cut carbon emissions in a bid to tackle climate change.

The EU is hoping to increase levies for "carbon-intensive industries" forcing them to pay extra for their pollution and analysts predict a rise in ticket prices of as much as €10 (£8.84) per person per return flight.

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