Ryanair passenger reveals sneaky way to avoid paying for drinks during a flight – but not everyone agrees | The Sun

A PASSENGER has revealed how she avoided paying for drinks on a Ryanair flight – but not everyone agrees with her.

Buying drinks on budget flights can be a pricy choice.

TikTok user Rachael didn't want to pay for a bottle of water during a flight with the Irish low-cost carrier.

She explained on her social media: "I was thirsty but I didn’t want to pay €3.00 for water."

She then filmed herself holding a plastic cup with two huge ice cubes in it – which she let melt.

She then drank the small amount of water they created.

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She added in the caption: "No cause why does water have to be so expensive."

Rachael told Daily Dot that water on Ryanair flights should be free, as many passengers can suffer from "motion sickness and cabin pressure."

She said: "They don’t allow us to bring our own liquids on the plane.

"The least they can do is make it free or bring down the cost to a price you would pay to buy it locally."

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Some people on TikTok shared their own hacks for free water.

One person commented: "Next time tell them you feeling sick they give you bottle of water. (Well whenever I get plane sick I ask& always get)."

Another person said: "Take an empty bottle when you travel usually there are places to refill them at the airport."

A third simply said: "A hack we didn’t know we needed."

However, not everyone was convinced.

Someone else commented: "You haven’t hit rock bottom until you’ve had just ice in a cup and let it melt."

Another agreed: "It’s never that deep just buy the water."

A third wrote: "Maybe don’t take a flight if you can’t afford 3€ for water."

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