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A MAN was left stunned after he took a picture during his flight – only to be stopped by crew from disembarking.

Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren, from Seattle, was travelling with American Airlines last week, when he took a photo of the cabin.

However, he claimed that crew then stopped him from leaving the flight until he showed them the pictures he took.

He wrote on Twitter: "Honest question: can a crew member physically prevent me from getting off of the airplane until I showed them the contents of my phone (they wanted to see the last 3 photos) to verify that I did not take a photo that contained them in it."

He added: "I was off the plane and the FA [flight attendant] had the captain prevent me from going further down the jetbridge and then brought me *back* onto the plane and took the phone out of my hands."

He said American Airlines later got in touch with him to apologise, adding that crew are not allowed to touch his phone.

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An American Airlines spokesperson said someone had “reached out to learn more about the customer’s experience”.

It's not the first time this has happened.

Other people shared their stories on social media as well.

One person said it happened to him with a different airline: "I had crew insisting me on deleting the photos but that was during the flight.

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"I was just taking photos of the cabin and nothing else."

Frequent flyer and blogger Matthew Klint was kicked off a United Airlines flight in 2013 after taking photos of his seat.

The photo policies are mainly found on American airlines – but Brits may be affected too.

In its in-flight magazine, American Airlines said: "The use of small cameras or mobile devices for photography and video is permitted on board, provided that the purpose is capturing personal events.

"Any photographing or recording of other customers or airline personnel that creates a safety or security risk, or that interferes with crew members’ duties, is prohibited."

Brits are advised to ask before taking any pictures and video on the plane that may feature other passengers or crew.

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Here are some of the other rules that airlines have in place regarding photography and video.

And there are a number of tourist attractions that you are banned from taking photographs at as well.

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