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A CHEAP travel item has been praised as a "lifesaver" by holidaymakers – and it will fit in your hand luggage.

The Compeed Anti-Blister stick is used to prevent chaffing and blisters on your feet.

All you do is rub it on the areas you are likely to get them, such as in between the toes or on the back of the foot.

The sheer formula prevents your shoes rubbing and means you won't get blisters, which can easily ruin your holiday.

It won't break the bank, costing just £3.79 on Amazon for an 8ml stick.

Even better, it is a solid stick so it won't count towards your liquids if you are travelling with just hand luggage.

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More than 3,000 have rated it highly on Amazon, with many crediting it with saving their holiday.

One person wrote: "Take it from someone whose feet blister with anything more than an hour of continuous walking, THIS WORKS!

"I liberally applied this to virtually my whole sole and the between my toes. I then did a day's worth of walking around Disneyland Paris.

"Not 1 blister. Nothing at all. Repeated the next day and same again! This £4 stick saved my thousand-pound holiday."

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Another person agreed: "This stuff is a lifesaver for me.

"I get awful blisters on holiday every year, this save my feet this year and I walked for miles without getting 1 blister."

A third wrote: "I'm a big fan of Compeed blister plasters, so I gave this a go for a 180-mile walking holiday. No blisters for a week."

If you do get blisters on holiday try to avoid popping them, according to doctors.

Doing so can make the situation a whole lot worse and could lead to infection.

Blisters should heal on their own within a week but in severe cases you may need to see a GP.

You can also use duct tape to avoid blisters, according to other travellers.

We also reviewed some anti-blister socks – here is how they work.

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