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VAPING Brits can be heavily fined or face jail in some holiday hotspots around the world.

Vape brand Blo Bar has recently revealed the countries where holidaymakers need to be careful the next time they head abroad.

There are 35 countries that have regulations or bans on vaping, including Australia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico and Singapore.

Brits who are on holiday in Colombia or Iran won't be able to vape in public spaces because it's illegal.

While it's not illegal to vape in Turkey, it is illegal to purchase an e-cigarette in the country.

In some countries, the rules are much stricter with a complete ban in place in Argentina, Brazil, North Korea, and Nepal.

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In Qatar vaping has been illegal since 2014, and anyone who breaks the law could be fined up to 10,000 Riyals (around £2,200), or face a maximum of three months in prison. 

Thailand has some of the strictest laws for anyone caught vaping.

Tourists face being jailed for up to 10 years if caught using e-cigarettes, or face fines of 30,000 baht (£700).

Australia has strict rules on vapes with nicotine, which must have a doctor's prescription.

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Anyone without one could be fined up to AUD$222,000 (£125,000) while some states enforce up to two years in jail.

You can also be fined for vaping in Bhutan and in Turkmenistan, you can also be fined if giving tobacco products as a gift.

Meanwhile in Singapore, holidaymakers aren't allowed to bring vapes into the country.

As well as restrictions on vaping, some countries have other unusual laws that could catch Brits out abroad including wearing high heels in Greece and feeding the pigeons in Venice, Italy.


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