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TRAVEL experts have revealed the best drinks to have on a plane – and some of them even contain alcohol.

Some experts often advise avoiding booze on flights as it can dehydrate you.

Anton Radchenko, founder of AirAdvisor, also explained why drinks can taste different in the plane cabin.

He said: "Flying can reduce our senses due to cabin pressure, dry air, and even the plane engine noise, and decreased senses can cause food and drinks to be dull or bland."  

But some studies have found that an alcoholic drink could be your best option.

A 2016 study revealed that tomato juice – often used on planes in a Bloody Mary – tastes better on flights because of the enhanced umami flavour.

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The sweet taste buds are also enhanced so the cocktail will also be much sweeter than usual.

Because it contains ginger beer, a Moscow Mule is also a great cocktail to have on a flight.

This is because it retains its taste a lot more than other drinks too, making it one of the better choices from the trolley.

Ginger ale is good for medical reasons too as it is often drunk when feeling travel sick because ginger can reduce feelings of nausea.

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Nutritionist Lauren Grosskopf told Travel + Leisure: "Ginger helps ease stomach upset with nervous flyers."

Passengers are also encouraged to drink water while they're on their flight.

Anton added: "The limit of your water intake on the plane, in combination with the air pressure, can contribute to dehydration symptoms."

While drinking plenty of water is important, Sue Fogwell who was a flight attendant for 22 years, warned passengers away from tap water on a plane.

She said on Travel + Leisure: "Sometimes, on flights, we would run out of bottled water.

"If you see a pitcher of water on the beverage cart in economy class, skip it — it's from the water tank."

Meanwhile, this passenger revealed her hack for getting three drinks at once during a flight.

This passenger explained how many drinks passengers are permitted to have on planes.

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