The best passports to own in 2023 – where is YOURS on the list of nations?

  • Here’s how 199 countries ranked – from most powerful to weakest passport
  • This years no1. will come as a surprise, as Luxembourg held it two years a row 

The best passports to hold in 2023 have been revealed in a new global index.

While Luxembourg was considered the country with the most powerful passport for the last two years in a row – this year’s highest ranking visa may come as a surprise.

Of the 199 nations in the list – compiled by offshore consulting firm Nomad Capitalist – the United Arab Emirates has taken top spot for 2023.

All the countries were ranked according to five criteria: visa-free travel opportunities, taxation of citizens, dual citizenship possibilities, perception and personal freedom.

So, here’s which countries made it to the top ten…

Blue British passports replaced red ones in the UK in 2020. This year, the UK has fallen in its passport ranking, dropping to 30th place (File image)

The UAE took top spot this year, scoring a total of 110.50 in all five categories. But the country only entered the top 10 for the first time, ranking 35th in 2022 and 38th in 2021.

The Emirati passport has leapt up the list because it has visa-free travel privileges to the most places – 181 in total -, no income taxes and an ever-increasing presence on the world stage. 

These factors, among many others, make it an attractive place to aspiring global citizens.

No other Middle Eastern passports appear in the top 20. 

Luxembourg fell to second place, while Switzerland and Ireland were third and fourth, respectively.

Ireland was placed joint fourth on the list alongside Portugal, as it was praised for its low rates of corporate tax.

The UK has however fallen in its ranking. Last year, it was 26th with a total score of 109.50. 

But this year, it has dropped even further – as it now sits 30th. The country only scored 102.50 overall, 30 points given to taxation, 20 for perception, 50 for dual citizenship and only 30 for freedom.

Nevertheless, the UK remains ahead of both Australia and the US, which rank 38th and 43rd respectively. 

And while the UK passport is still ranked among best in the world, it is unlikely that we will see it regain a spot on the top 10. 

Last on the list was Afghanistan, scoring a mere 26.50 points. Last year it was also in last place, as was it in 2021.

The Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan in 2021, twenty years after their ouster by U.S. troops. 

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