The best staycation hotspots to visit based on personality type

I’m a psychologist and I’ve picked the perfect UK summer staycation destinations for different personality types

  • Psychologist Giulia Bianchi lists destinations from Scotland to the Sussex coast
  • It comes as searches for staycation breaks rise by 306% in one year 
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Britons needing a steer on where to head on a staycation this summer may find that their personality type points them in the right direction.

Psychologist Giulia Bianchi has revealed the ideal UK holiday destinations for some of the personality types determined by the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, which identifies how people interact and make decisions in life.

Bianchi carried out the research in collaboration with, which also discovered that searches for ‘staycation breaks’ by Britons have risen 306 per cent over the past 12 months. 

Personality type – ‘The Conceptual Planner’ (INTJ – introverted, intuitive, thinking and judging)

Best destination – Oxford

Psychologist Giulia Bianchi recommends that people with the Conceptual Planner personality type – who enjoy intellectually stimulating environments – ought to head to Oxford. Above is the city’s university 

Conceptual Planners ‘love perfecting the details of life, applying creativity and rationality to everything they do’, according to the website 16Personalities. Bianchi explains that people with this personality type thrive on exploring intellectually stimulating environments, so a trip to a historic and culturally rich destination is ideal as it gives them the chance to contemplate humanity’s grand ideas and inventions.

The university city of Oxford covers all the bases of a Conceptual Planner’s interests, the psychologist explains, as the city is steeped in history and offers a captivating blend of academia, culture and charm that delights those looking for places where they can learn something new.

The Sheldonian Theatre, Christ Church Cathedral, and the Bodleian Library are just some of the historic buildings that Conceptual Planners can visit to learn about the city’s history and admire its architecture, Bianchi reveals. She adds that the Ashmolean Museum is a must-see, as it’s full of artistic and archaeological features with a collection that spans from Egyptian mummies to contemporary art.

Personality type – ‘The Insightful Visionary’ (INFJ – introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging)

Destination – Snowdonia, Wales

People with an Insightful Visionary personality type, who tend to be purpose-driven, will enjoy a staycation in the Snowdonia National Park. Above is the view from the Miners’ Track walking route in the park 

Those who are introverted in nature and ‘tend to approach life with deep thoughtfulness and imagination’, share traits with the Insightful Visionary personality type, 16Personalities reveals.

What kind of holiday suits an Insightful Visionary? Bianchi says that, being altruistic and purpose-driven, people with this personality type enjoy destinations that offer opportunities for meaningful experiences and a connection with nature.

As a result, she says that Snowdonia National Park is the perfect UK destination for Insightful Visionaries, as they will enjoy taking in its natural beauty and exploring its wildlife-filled landscapes. The park offers outdoor enthusiasts plenty of adventure and exploration, the psychologist adds.

During the trip, they can explore charming towns and villages such as Blaenau Ffestiniog, which is located in the heart of the national park, Bianchi notes.

Personality type – ‘The Objective Analyst’ (INTP – introverted, intuitive, thinking and perceiving)

Destination – Buckinghamshire

Objective Analysts, who have a penchant for problem-solving, will enjoy a trip to Buckinghamshire’s Bletchley Park estate (above), which is famous as the home of World War II codebreakers 

‘Quiet, thoughtful, and analytical’ is how the Myers-Briggs website describes the Objective Analyst personality type. Bianchi notes that people with this category of personality are known for their creativity and penchant for problem-solving.

According to the psychologist, Objective Analysts will find an escape to Buckinghamshire fascinating, particularly if they drop by Bletchley Park country estate, which is famous as the home of Allied codebreakers during World War II. 

Bianchi adds that it’s also worth visiting the National Museum of Computing in the estate – visitors can learn about functional historic computers, including the first-ever electronic computer created.

Personality type – ‘The Thoughtful Idealist’ (INFP – introverted, intuitive, feeling and perspective)

Destination – St Ives, Cornwall

‘The Thoughtful Idealist’ will relish an escape to the tranquil town of St Ives in Cornwall

‘Creative and imaginative, they happily lose themselves in daydreams, inventing all sorts of stories and conversations in their minds.’

So says the website 16Personalities of the Thoughtful Idealist, a personality type that Bianchi notes belongs to people who are lovers of art and beauty and appreciate authentic experiences.

She says that a retreat to the tranquil Cornish town of St Ives will deeply resonate with their sensitive and idealistic souls. Why? The psychologist explains that the seaside town has lots to offer creatively, as it boasts a prominent artistic community and numerous galleries and studios, such as the Tate St Ives, the Penwith Gallery and the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden.

Personality type – ‘The Decisive Strategist’ (ENTJ – extroverted, intuitive, thinking and judging).

Destination – Fort William, Scotland 

‘Decisive Strategists’ should consider a trip to Fort William, which is nestled at the base of Ben Nevis in Scotland 

The website 16Personalities describes people who fit this personality type as ‘decisive people’ who are ‘natural-born leaders’. Bianchi elaborates on that point, explaining how, with their love for challenging experiences and strategic thinking, Decisive Strategists would find climbing mountains as part of their trip a fulfilling experience.

According to the psychologist, the Scottish town of Fort William is the ideal destination for Decisive Strategists. That’s because it offers the perfect opportunity to climb the UK’s biggest mountain, Ben Nevis, as it nestles right at the foot of the mighty peak.

While there, Decisive Strategists can also take in the lochs that surround the area, explore stunning Nevis Gorge and marvel at Steall Waterfall, she says. 

Personality type – ‘Enterprising Explorer’ (ENTP – extroverted, intuitive, thinking and perceiving)

Destination – St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex 

People with the ‘Enterprising Explorer’ personality type ought to head to the East Sussex seaside resort of St Leonards-on-Sea – it’s home to numerous art galleries and cultural events

The Myers-Briggs website describes this personality type as ‘innovative and entrepreneurial’, with Bianchi adding that people with the ‘Enterprising Explorer’ personality type thrive on novelty and diversity.

The East Sussex seaside resort of St Leonards-on-Sea is a fit for this personality type, she reveals, because it’s home to numerous art galleries, studios, exhibitions, and cultural events that celebrate the creativity of artists from different backgrounds.

When crafting their itineraries, Enterprising Explorers should make sure to consider Hastings Museum & Art Gallery, The True Crime Museum, and The White Rock Theatre, Bianchi reveals, as these spaces offer an engaging mixture of arts and cultural ideas.



People with this personality type are ‘decisive, focused, and efficient’ and are ‘interested in absorbing information that will improve their work’, the Myers-Briggs website reveals.


‘People with ISFJ preferences have a natural drive to understand the needs of others,’ reveals the Myers-Briggs website.


According to the Myers-Briggs website, ‘people with INFJ preferences are supportive companions and devoted helpers’ and they’re ‘often looking for a deeper meaning or purpose in life’.


‘People with INTJ preferences tend to be forward-thinking and future-focused,’ the Myers-Briggs website reveals. 


People who slot into this category of personality ‘are diligent workers who genuinely enjoy becoming experts at a craft or career’, the Myers-Briggs website notes.


People who have the ISFP personality type, according to the Myers-Briggs website, are ‘quiet, observant, and nonjudgmental’ and they ‘want happiness for everyone in their lives’. 


People who adhere to this personality type are ‘creative problem solvers’ who are ‘often deeply thoughtful, curious, and imaginative learners’, the Myers-Briggs website says.


The Myers-Briggs website says: ‘People with INTP preferences are quiet, thoughtful, and analytical. They tend to put a great deal of consideration into everything they do.’


Of this personality type, the Myers-Briggs website says: ‘People with ESTP preferences are logical problem solvers and quick thinkers.’ 


According to the Myers-Briggs website, people with this personality type are ‘friendly, outgoing, and enthusiastic’ and they tend to be ‘practical’ yet ‘fun’ at the same time. 


ENFPs ‘are stimulated by new people and new challenges’ and are creative problem solvers, the Myers-Briggs website notes. 


‘People with ENTP preferences are innovative and entrepreneurial. They’re highly attuned to even the smallest details,’ says the Myers-Briggs website. 


The Myers-Briggs website says: ‘People with ESTJ preferences are logical, organized, and results-driven.’ 


According to the Myers-Briggs website, ‘people with ESFJ preferences are natural caretakers who love to help and support others’. 


These people ‘tend to have a great awareness of others’ and ‘thrive on harmony and conflict resolution’, according to the Myers-Briggs website. 


The Myers-Briggs website says: ‘People with ENTJ preferences are often competitive, focused, and highly motivated.’ 

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