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TWO British expats living in Spain have revealed the biggest mistakes that make tourists stand out while they're on holiday.

Sarah and Johnny Robinson left the UK 20 years ago, and have been living in Spain since May 2003.

The couple moved from London to the Jalón Valley in Alicante with their three children who were six, three and one at the time.

After they purchased their new home in the Spanish countryside, they converted it into a hotel called Caserío del Mirador.

For the last two decades, Sarah and Johnny have been welcoming young British families to their Boutique retreat in the Spanish hills.

As well as welcoming their guests, the pair have explored the lengths and breadths of Spain.

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The three big mistakes tourists make in Spain, according to a British expat

Along the way, they've noticed the mistakes that make Brit holidaymakers stand out like sore thumbs on their Spanish getaways.

Johnny explained that British holidaymakers can dress too casually – especially at evening meals.

He told Sun Online Travel: "Brits tend to underdress in Spain.

"Spanish people dress quite smartly, while Brits can sometimes show too much flesh."

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Sarah added: "And wearing shorts in January too, it makes the Brits stand out."

While Sarah and Johnny understood that many Brits were after their winter sun, they also acknowledged that locals wouldn't wear summer clothes in the cooler months.

Sarah explained how Spaniards tend to have a summer and winter wardrobe – something she found uncommon in England.

She added: "We never quite had that separation between our seasonal wardrobes in England.

"This is because Brits dress for the weather rather than the season."

"The Spanish are strict about their summer wardrobes and their summer clothes, so they rarely wear these clothes in winter."

Johnny and Sarah have also noticed that Brits often become slightly more "inebriated" compared to the locals.

During the day, Sarah has also spotted how Brits bring their need to rush on holiday too.

She explained that when Brit holidaymakers are queuing in supermarkets, they're the people who often look impatient.

Sarah added: "You might be in a short queue at the supermarket, but the person who is being served is more interested in having a conversation with the cashier than packing their shopping away and paying."

"You just want to tell Brits they're on holiday and it's time to relax."

Despite many Brits sticking out like sore thumbs, the pair stressed how welcomed holidaymakers are in Spain.

Johnny said: "Spanish people are very kind, gracious and patient and they are happy to have us [Brits] here."

Meanwhile another British expat who lives Cadiz in Andalusia has revealed the three big mistakes tourists make while they're on holiday.

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This includes eating at restaurants with laminated menus containing pictures and being too reliant on taxis and private transfers.

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