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THOUSANDS of Brits will need to apply for a new passport this year, as many are set to expire.

However, there is a simple mistake that could cost you money when you apply.

A standard online passport application now costs £75.50 per person.

This is for anyone over the age of 16 and for a 34-page passport.

But if you apply by paper form, then you will be left out of pocket.

To apply in person, it costs £85 – costing you nearly a tenner extra.

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This is the same for kids' passports, where online applications cost £49 but paper applications cost £58.80.

And if you have a whole family needing passports then this could lose you an extra £40.

Brits are also being urged to apply for new passports now ahead of a spring surge.

Anyone leaving it to the last minute also faces paying for their passport.

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A fast-track passport renewal costs £142, double a standard application.

If you are a frequent traveller, you can pay an extra £10 to get a 50-page passport rather than a 34-page passport.

We've revealed the three things you need to check on your passport before your next holiday.

There are lots of new rules in place since the UK left the EU, including how long your passport is valid for and how many months you need on it to visit Europe.

Many Brits have been banned from their flights due to the new passport rules.

Last year, a woman was kicked off her flight to Tenerife due to confusing passport rules.

Despite her expiry dates suggesting they would still be in date, with Ava's expiry date being June 28, 2022, it had additional months on it, which were no longer counted.

Another woman lost her £2,600 dream holiday due to a similar passport mistake.

Here is the full list of countries that require you to have at least three months left on your passport.

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