AN ETIQUETTE expert has revealed the mistakes that'll make you very unpopular on caravan and camp sites.

Liz Wyse, who is an etiquette adviser at the professional coaching company, Debrett's, has explained exactly how Brits should behave on their next caravan or camping trip.

Liz told the Sun Online Travel: "It's the same etiquette for both camping and caravaning, because it's all about respecting each other in a communal space."

One sure fire way to annoy other happy campers is by making too much noise at unsociable times on the site.

When going on a camping holiday with children, Liz said holidaymakers need to be more aware of their family's noise later on in the evening.

She said: "Being respectful of other people and noise goes without saying, and parents should be aware of their children's noise levels more between 7pm to 8pm."

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While no one enjoys listening to screeching children in the early evening, this camping faux pas is small fry compared to anyone who plays loud music at all hours of the day.

"People have different ways of enjoying their holidays, some people like to be tucked up in bed by 11pm while others are up listening to music."

If you're a holidaymaker who's being kept up by a thumping drum and bass sound, then you need to approach the situation calmly.

Liz added: "Don't go matching over and shout, 'shut that racket down, don't you realise that my kids can't sleep,' because that will make the situation worse.

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"You will wind people up and they'll never turn their music down.

Instead Liz recommends using the phrase: "I would be so grateful if you could keep the music down."

From there calmly explain the situation and why the music is disturbing, Liz believes most people will alter their behaviour.

But if the loud music continues, try waiting an hour before asking if it can be turned down again.

If a second prompt doesn't work, then it might be time to ask a member of staff – but this should always be a last resort.

The only exception is camping at music festivals where playing loud music is expected.

Other actions that are likely to annoy holidaymakers include littering or leaving site facilities in a poor condition.

She said: "Be respectful of the facilities and leave them as you found them.

"Make sure to put everything in the right bins, if there aren't any bins, or they're full, then stick the rubbish in your car boot and take it home."

To try and make the best of being in close quarters where there's limited sound protection, Liz recommends inviting your tent neighbour into your gazebo for a drink over the cool box.

For other camping tips, the experts have shared their tips for making the holiday more bearable.

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